MovieTickets Partners With MovieQu, Mobiquity On Beacons, Apps To Drive Theater Attendance

The movie chain rep’s marketing strategy is predicated on the smallest screen’s ability to get people in front of the big screen., an online box office for over 240 theater chains, has struck up two separate partnerships that relies on proximity and geo-targeting to boost multiplex attendance.

The company has tapped beacon-based location mobile ad network Mobiquity and MovieQu, an app that’s often billed as the “Shazam for movie trailers” since a tap allows it to listen for and list coming attractions. Both partnerships reflect the company’s desire to dive into the world of mobile advertising and using mobile as a companion to in-store experiences.

With Mobiquity, MovieTickets is using the company’s network of beacons installed in 320 shopping malls around the country to serve up location and context accurate move advertisements, encouraging customers to plan a trip to the movies while they’re within the mall itself.

Mobiquity Network's Jim Meckley
Mobiquity Network’s Jim Meckley

“Adding the right context to mobile campaigns is an effective method of boosting consumer engagement,” Jim Meckley, CMO of Mobiquity, told Geomarketing. “There are more than 1,700 unique movie theaters within a 10-mile radius of our malls, and given the movie industry’s interest in reaching mall shoppers, utilizing our network to reach this audience becomes a natural choice. Being able to deliver campaigns directly to the users further enhances the relevance of the campaign, and ensures that our clients can maximize the efficiency of advertising dollars spent.”

For its partnership with MovieQu, MovieTickets is taking a different approach. MovieQu already provides a fairly comprehensive list of features for moviegoers in a mobile setting. The MovieQu app, in addition to identifying film clips, lets users schedule their movie-going and see what movies their friends (who use the app) are planning on seeing as well. MovieTickets provides the logical next step of that process, by allowing users to buy movie tickets through the app as well.

“We want to keep people engaged in movies they love, from adding them to their queue to ticket purchasing,” MovieQu founder Rakesh Nigam told Variety.

MovieQu also learns users’ interests and will generate recommendations tailored to fit their tastes. The ability to use movies actually purchased tickets to, rather than just movies users expressed interests in, will certainly help those personalization features shine.

Buying movie tickets through apps has long been one of the early representations of the “on demand, uberfication of everything” that has entered the mainstream in just the past year.
That makes movie theaters a natural point of connection for mobile marketing, whether through mobile trivia games users can play in the theater before the movie starts, or with larger efforts like the one embodied by Project Lynx, the Screenvision and SITO Mobile partnership designed to use geo-data and mobile ads to closely align moviegoing and retargeting.
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