Mood Media Opens Up Customizable, Shazam-based Indoor Messaging Aimed At Regional SMBs

Food Lion begins digital coupons with Mood Media through New Year’s Day.

Food-Lion-StoresMood Media is continuing to make the most of its year-old proximity marketing alliance with audio recognition app Shazam by promising local businesses greater flexibility with its indoor messaging tools.

The move to broaden its client base beyond larger department store, retail, financial services, and hospitality chains, which take advantage of Mood Media’s ownership of in-store background sound system Muzak, shows how smaller and independent businesses have begun to adopt indoor marketing tools.

SMBs’ Interest In Proximity Rises

Similar to beacons, Mood Media’s inaudible location-based “ultrasound” marketing software, dubbed Presence, has been activated at roughly 500,000 retail and business locations around the world within the past two years. While Shazam is not a permanent, constant partner, the collaboration has become key for a number of Mood Media’s marketing clients.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a real pick up in activity with our client base,” said Ken Eissing, president of in-store media at Mood Media. “We’ve also done an execution with [Southern California clothing retailer] Hollister, where they’ve used Shazam in-store to promote partnership that they with the artists. While you’re in a Hollister, you can Shazam a song. That brings up very customized, branded content that is unique to being in that store. It further allows a store’s consumers to engage with the artists and the brand and get exclusive content that they can only get from being in-store. It really nails the proximity and mobile engagement issue.”

Mood Media's Ken Eissing
Mood Media’s Ken Eissing

Food Lion’s Loyalty Playlist

Another current example of the company’s appeal to mid-size chains can be seen in a campaign with Mid-Atlantic/Southeast grocer Food Lion, which is running a Mood Media/Shazam campaign through Jan. 1. The effort involves giving customers can access to digital coupons through the Shazam app on their smartphones while grocery shopping in stores. Food Lion has partnered with Mood Media Corporation on the campaign, which is helping customers gain additional savings on their groceries this holiday season.

“At Food Lion we’re always looking for more ways for our customers to save while grocery shopping,” said Keith Nicks, director of loyalty and digital marketing. “We believe this is an easy and fun way to do just that during the busy holiday season, while continuing to make groceries more affordable for our customers.”

The service is available at all 1,100 Food Lion grocery outlets. To access digital coupons, customers should open their Shazam app when grocery shopping and use the phone to “Shazam” music in the store. As they do, shoppers will be directed to Food Lion’s MVP Coupon Hub where they can access digital coupons that are immediately loaded onto their MVP card and redeemed at check out.

As part of Mood Media’s release of messaging templates for smaller businesses alongside its work with Shazam, regional, North Carolina-based casual dining chain Just Fresh, is using the ultrasound program to promote its loyalty/rewards.

The loyalty effort relies on Shazam In-Store, which is powered by Mood Media. Originally launched in November 2014, Shazam In-Store also uses Mood Media’s Presence audio beacon technology. When a customer activates the Shazam app to identify a song or other audio, targeted content can be delivered directly to the customer’s mobile device.

Reducing App Friction And Fatigue

Small businesses can also access Mood’s content and design expertise and select from a range of customizable mobile content for promotions, coupons, loyalty programs and special offers.

Mood Media's David Van Epps
Mood Media’s David Van Epps

“Many small businesses are looking for ways to tap into interactive mobile marketing, but they do not have the resources to justify developing their own app. Through Mood’s innovative and exclusive technology and our partnership with Shazam, our clients now have a simple and affordable way to leverage their Mood services and integrate marketing offers with one of the world’s most popular apps. Mood’s Shazam In-Store is an ideal way to create personal mobile engagement with consumers and strengthen loyalty at the local level,” said David Van Epps, Global Chief Product Officer for Mood Media.

While Mood Media’s Eissing is clear that he does not see Presence as a “beacon-killer,” he does say that working with Shazam provides an answer to the chief obstacles that afflicts beacons: users have to open up a brand’s app and turn on their smartphone’s Bluetooth receiver in order to get a message from a business while in-store.

Thanks to Shazam’s huge scale and engagement, it’s one less app for user’s to open when they’re browsing through the aisles or waiting on the checkout line.

“By partnering with Shazam, we’ve eliminated one of the major hurdles that our competitors often face: getting consumers to download the app.  We’re utilizing an app that many of our consumers already had,” Eissing said. “Shazam is currently on over 700 million devices and has 120 million users every month.”

“More often than not, the average consumer will have the Shazam app on their phone. I know that what a lot of Bluetooth beacon-driven solutions really struggle with is having app that is ubiquitous like Shazam,” Eissing added. “We’re really happy with our partnership with Shazam. Our clients are increasingly turning to us because we’ve solved a lot of problems by using the Shazam app. Our solution is truly one that’s easy to manage and requires no installation.”


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