Mobiquity Partners With SessionM To Better Target Consumers In-Store

‘Adding SessionM’s users to our in-mall beacon network will help brands attract new customers and boost foot traffic,’ says Mobiquity President Sean Trepeta.

Mobile ad network Mobiquity has partnered with SessionM, an app-based loyalty company, in a bid to scale its location-based marketing platform and enable brands and retailers to better target shoppers with personalized in-store experiences.

SessionM Rewards

The move combines the scale of Mobiquity’s in-mall beacon network with SessionM’s extensive mobile loyalty user base. SessionM processes more than 25 billion data points each day in an effort to identify the most effective way to engage consumers, and with the integration between the two entities, brands will have an opportunity to better understand shopper behavior in physical stores, solicit feedback, and then seamlessly provide them with rewards.

“Our platform helps mobile app publishers engage consumers and determines the best path to lead the customer from one high value behavior to the next, in the shortest time possible,” said Paul Krasinski, SVP of Strategy and Business Development from SessionM. “We are excited to partner with Mobiquity Networks to turn consumer location, such as store visits, into engagement touchpoints. Marketers can now engage a huge audience in relevant environments, where they can provide an offer, a survey or other form of personalized messaging that will strengthen their relationships with consumers whether they’re actively using an app or passively triggering a beacon.”

The partnership follows Mobiquity’s joining with retail guide app developer ShopAdvisor earlier this year, designed to enable Mobiquity clients to be able to send proximity-triggered offers to consumer’s phones. The ad network also already inked a deal this month with shopping discounts app platform GeoQpons in a bid to help stores present greater discovery options to consumers on-the-go.

Essentially, Mobiquity’s latest work with SessionM is part of a larger strategy of prioritizing communication with consumers during the crucial in-store moment; context is key, and the relevancy provided by offers targeted at consumers who are already in the shopping mindset tends to yield the best results.

“SessionM recognizes the value of presence and location when it comes to engaging consumers, and we believe their massive, active and engaged audience is a game changer for our business and the entire beacon ecosystem,” said Sean Trepeta, president of Mobiquity Networks. “Adding SessionM’s users to our in-mall beacon network is expected to help brands and retailers attract new customers, boost foot traffic, and increase those users’ lifetime value. [It’s a] key step in bringing significant scale to our location-based marketing platform.”

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