MobileFuse’s Mindset Metrics Shows The Impact Of Weather, Location On Ad Effectiveness

A number of variables can affect 'the right moment' for serving a consumer a real-time ad.

MobileFuse's Ken Harlan
MobileFuse’s Ken Harlan

Mindset targeting specialist MobileFuse is rolling out a set of metrics that promises to provide brands with campaign performance that outlines what kinds of situations influenced consumers’ shopping behaviors and engagement levels.

Those situations or conditions that MobileFuse is measuring includes the weather near a store and how the specific location of a consumer factored into their receptivity for an ad. The move follows this summer’s addition of smartphone-based rich media and display ads to online video, as the mobile ad network worked to round out its offerings for major brands.

“Our mobile devices are with us all times of day, and during the course of 24 hours, we may enter 100 different Mindsets that impact what we find relevant at that particular time,” said Ken Harlan, MobileFuse’s founder and CEO. “This is both the challenge and the opportunity with mobile. Simply relying on geo-fencing or behavioral targeting has become quite antiquated, and our goal is to help our partners truly understand what the data is saying and how that can impact their entire strategic marketing plan.”

Clarity On Current Conditions

For MobileFuse, the new reporting is intended to help give clients greater clarity about how the platform is targeting shoppers when compared to standard engagement metrics. It’s also meant to meet marketers’ perennial demand for greater transparency when it comes to programmatic ad buys.

The goal with our Insight Reports is to provide data and analysis that will help brands’ overall marketing strategy, Harlan said. Some of the typical widgets included in the Insight Reports include Mindset Lift, Weather Impact, and Attribution Visitation Rate by Geo.

“From these examples, Mindset Lift data will show which types of Mindsets drove more engagement compared to others,” Harlan said. “Did the Weather impact engagement (we have found that it does for travel and auto)? Did visits to a retailer go up in certain regions over others or did engagement rates go up while a consumer was actually inside certain retailers?”

Mapping The Mindset Graph

Unlike most digital reports that report on fill rate, impression, and clicks, Harlan said that the added goal here is to “give much deeper insights that will not only help our clients with their mobile campaigns, but also impact their overall marketing strategy.”

The data within the Insight Reports are generated by MobileFuse’s Mindset Targeting-RTDP (Real Time Data Processing) platform, which analyzes and makes decisions in fractions of a second based on a combination of environmental factors including location, weather, census, events, time of day and more. The algorithm then overlays this information instantly across the company’s Mindset Graph.

The company has developed the Mindset Graph “by analyzing and measuring years of campaign data against different forms of attribution,” Harlan said, adding that to date, clients that have seen engagement lift range from 30- to 210 percent.

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