Mobile Beacons Bring Customer Engagement On The Road

Consumers will be able to opt in to receive content from advertisers when the mobile beacons pass them.

Mobile billboards, advertisements attached to vehicles, have been proven to be significantly more noticeable to consumers than standard stationary ones. Gimbal, a proximity marketing provider, partnered with Do It Outdoors Media, a company that provides mobile billboards, to make them even more engaging through the use of beacon technology.

Regis Maher
Regis Maher, President of Do It Outdoors

The company’s plans are to place Gimbal-supplied beacons on Do It Outdoors’ mobile billboards, along with other objects like Segways and brand ambassador teams. Advertisers working with Gimbal and Do It Outdoors will then be able to send ads and content to consumers who pass within a certain distance of the beacon through the advertiser’s mobile app.

Do It Outdoors thinks this is a good way to engage people across a broad variety of environments.

“As more marketers bridge the gap between out-of-home and digital, our beacon-enabled formats add new, integrated ways to actively engage consumers directly along the path-to-purchase,” said Regis Maher, co-founder and president of Do It Outdoors in a press release. “This launch provides our clients with amazing opportunities to activate in-app advertising based on proximity. To a consumer, it will feel less like an interruption and more like being rewarded with content that makes sense to their real-world environment and helps guide them into taking a beneficial action.”

The news comes just over a month after former Gimbal CEO Rocco Fabiano handed his position over to Jeff Russakow after Gimbal was spun off from Qualcomm. Russakow has been leading the company ever since. He told Geomarketing recently that beacons are what Gimbal has made a name for itself off of, but that it ultimately wants to branch off into other proximity marketing areas as well.

“Gimbal has established the largest nationwide proximity network and through partners like Do It Outdoors media, our secure beacon technology is enabling out-of-home networks to connect digitally with smartphone users,” said Ray Rotolo, SVP of OOH Assets for Gimbal. “Complimenting mobile billboards with a beacon-triggered digital engagement is an attractive solution for advertisers looking to deliver more targeted and personalized experiences to their key audiences. Further, Gimbal’s back-end data analytics provide the ability to measure specific proximity-based attribution, enabling these networks to show the value derived from a particular location.”

Do It Oudoors is similarly optimistic. “We’re thrilled to partner with Gimbal,” said Maher. “We strive to be innovative leaders in the out-of- home industry, and by creating the largest mobile digital network with beacon technology, we’re staying on the forefront.”

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