Moasis Launches Location Platform To ‘Close Loop’ Around Delivery, Attribution

Moasis for Advertisers aims to address a ‘disconnect’ in the location-targeting industry, says CMO Eric Nielsen.

Location-tech company Moasis has launched Moasis for Advertisers, a geo-targeting platform, which aims to help marketers to organize and analyze place-based data in order to serve consumers with the right message at the right time on an individual level.

Eric Nielsen

The platform — which has been in beta for 18 months and Moasis claims has already powered over 1000 campaigns for a variety of brands — was created out of a desire to address a “disconnect” in the industry, CMO Eric Nielsen says. According to BIA/Kelsey, location targeting is set to increase to 52 percent of all mobile ad spend by 2018, but the solutions that power it often don’t interact seamlessly.

Connecting The (Location) Dots

“There’s a problem in the ecosystem,” Nielsen adds. “All of this fine regularity around audience insights and so forth is not being met with the corresponding capability to deliver for those audiences and with that precision in real time. There’s really no one out there operating a fully programmatic solution, along with the consumer insight and the [attribution component]. With Moasis, [we aim] to provide that under one stack — all of these components operating in real time and in a closed loop — so that no data is lost in translation and there are no significant lags in the system.”

Essentially, Moasis for Advertisers seeks to allow marketers — either with help from Moasis or through a self-serve version — to transition seamlessly from tracking location data and interactions in real-time to delivering messages up through measuring and attributing both clicks and actual in-store visits.

Nielsen reports that, so far, the Moasis platform sees 3-4x higher engagement than the industry average. And, “with one logistics and office supply company that was looking to draw traffic to their retail stores for a promotion, we drove a 68% lift in traffic to their stores,” indicating that brick-and-mortar retailers can use the platform to see results where they really care about them: at the cash register.

Staying Relevant At Scale

As with any solution that aims to deliver relevant messages on a highly individual level, the challenge is to do so at scale. Moasis plans to use predictive analytics and programmatic technology to scale its offerings, and Nielsen believes that the development of the platform over the past 18 months has the platform well on its way.

“Delivering highly personalized experiences for consumers at scale — which is what we’re doing — is where the future is,” Nielsen says. “We sort of look at the world in location as having unfolded in three phases. The first phase was about location targeting. The second phase has been about audience intelligence, and we’re sort of in the midst of that. It’s really the third phase where you begin to connect the dots on those two things. We believe the future is the fully unified location solution that we’ve built with the closed loop approach, allowing marketers to bring into the platform all the data that they might need to.”

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