Location Technology Could Open Up Instant Store Credit For Retail Walk-Ins

That's one of the potential consumer benefits brick-and-mortars might be able to provide as a result of a Big Data alliance between Gimbal and Experian.

The insights produced by consumers’ location patterns, as accessed by geofencing and indoor beacons, could allow retailers to present customers with immediate credit approval as they pass through a store’s entrance.

That’s one of the possible ideas being discussed as a the result of alliances between large scale data companies like Experian and location tech hardware and software provider Gimbal.

The two companies have struck a deal that calls for Experian’s DataLabs to share analytics tools that will allow clients, such as retailers and banks, to access greater consumer insights. In essence, Experian’s DataLabs’ ability to gather and organize consumer insights based on shoppers’ purchase and credit history is being married to the location information that Gimbal has access to by dint of its geofencing. From there, Gimbal’s beacons can deliver offers to select consumers once they cross a shop’s threshold.

“In our lab, we are working on what the future could look like when consumers walk into a retail store, shop for a car or find their dream house,” said Eric Haller, Experian Global DataLabs’s EVP. “This alliance with Gimbal is one example of how Experian is on the forefront of innovation and doing good things with data.”

Gimbals’ beacons are currently going through tests at DataLabs’ San Diego headquarters as part of an initial period of discovering how the companies will be able to go to market with new analytics solutions.

The partnership comes as Gimbal is working with Citibank in a project that will allow the bank’s customers the ability to unlock branch doors after hours via a beacon-triggered remote control button. Earlier this year, Gimbal partnered with data storage company Couchbase on making the volumes of social and mobile data more actionable for retailers seeking to expand omnichannel marketing programs to build a better in-store experience.

This arrangement with DataLabs represents another layer in how Gimbal aims to deliver those digital-to-physical services to its clients.

“We are excited to work with a global data-driven company like Experian to utilize the rich location data our solution creates,” said Brian Dunphy, Gimbal’s SVP of business development. “Further, it is great to be part of a collaboration effort that could enable Experian’s clients to offer mobile instant credit and prequalification to their customers once they’ve opted in, further helping to make their customers’ journey much simpler by leveraging their mobile devices and smart applications enabled by the Gimbal platform.”

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