Location Acquisition Race Heats Up, As NinthDecimal Buys MoLOGIQ

"This is the driving force behind NinthDecimal Labs as we look to not only address today’s business opportunities but also help capitalize on those that emerge in the future," says NinthDecimal CEO Mike Fordyce.

Amid a spate of location-centric deal-making, NinthDecimal has acquired MoLOGIQ, a mobile audience platform, in a bid to accelerate the building of new data programs to meet the demands of marquee brands and agency partners.

As part of that effort, which is largely focused on cross-screen attribution, the the company is also forming NinthDecimal Labs, a new group dedicated to advancing the next generation of location-centered marketing solutions.

The MoLOGIQ audience platform processes “billions of data signals” from its software, public demographic data, land parcel information, and voter registration rolls.

Its SDK is present in more than 50 million unique devices, which provides rich data signals for both Android and iOS. MoLOGIQ’s geo-spatial infrastructure connects the mapping of users’ devices to their household addresses in a privacy-friendly manner, thereby enabling the bridging of online and offline data sets to drive a range of marketing applications.

Over the past three years, Cupertino-based MoLOGIQ has mapped 50 million devices to household addresses, enhancing the reach and scale of NinthDecimal’s own Household Graph.

“Clients are increasingly asking us to solve problems that go far beyond the traditional uses of location data, especially those related to omnichannel ROI measurement capabilities,” said Mike Fordyce, CEO of NinthDecimal. “In our industry, rapid innovation and time to market is critical for success. As a part of NinthDecimal Labs, the MoLOGIQ team will play an important role in accelerating the development of new solutions.”

GeoMarketing: Why did NinthDecimal decide to acquire, as opposed to partner, with MoLOGIQ?

Mike Fordyce: In order to have success in our industry – which is constantly evolving — we recognized a long time ago that innovation, as well as being flexible and nimble to change, needed to be a part of our DNA. Acquiring MoLOGIQ allows us to quickly incorporate their products and data technologies with no limitations. Just as important is the ability to integrate the MoLOGIQ team into the NinthDecimal culture – increasing the level of collaboration that goes beyond a traditional partnership.

That said, we also value the many partnerships we have throughout the industry with other leading companies as they too are key to our effort in addressing the growing demand from our customers and the broader market.

What specific offerings of NinthDecimal does MoLOGIQ complement? Does it enhance or complement NinthDecimal’s attribution capabilities? How?

The addition of MoLOGIQ both complements and expands our leadership in several different ways, including:

  • MoLOGIQ’s digital visualization technology builds upon NinthDecimal’s existing visual data solutions for offline attribution measurement and insights.
  • Its 50 million devices mapped to household addresses, enhances the reach and scale of NinthDecimal’s own proprietary Household Graph.
  • The combination of MoLOGIQ’s SDK, location data, and device data further enhance NinthDecimal’s measurement solutions, providing the industry with the largest measured audience for offline attribution.
  • MoLOGIQ’s DMP technology will allow NinthDecimal to expand its data management capabilities as more and more customers are looking to NinthDecimal to help them manage their data.
  • MoLOGIQ’s SDK presence in more than 50 million unique devices will help power NinthDecimal’s audience intelligence platform, Location Graph as well as its industry leading offline attribution solution, Location Conversion Index.

Does the timing of the acquisition say anything about the larger state of the location/mobile ad tech space? Or was this simply a good opportunity for NinthDecimal?

From an industry perspective, it’s an incredibly exciting time. The changes being driven by location intelligence are more disruptive than ever. As advertising becomes increasingly data driven, major brands across all industries are completely reorganizing and changing their focus to capitalize on it. From programmatic to people-based marketing to the digitalization of all media.

For NinthDecimal, the results we are delivering have not only led to triple-digit growth in our data and measurement lines of businesses but also created an increased demand from our partners. More and more they are looking to us to help them solve competitive and growth challenges that go well beyond the traditional uses of audience intelligence.

This is the driving force behind NinthDecimal Labs as we look to not only address today’s business opportunities but also help capitalize on those that emerge in the future.

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