How LevelUp’s ‘Broadcast’ Connects Restaurant Menus To Voice Activation, Social Media

'Having the added visibility on so many digital channels is a no-brainer for our customer acquisition strategy,' says Joshua Churnick, of Austin, Tx.'s Mama Fu’s.

LevelUp is primarily viewed as an app-based payment and loyalty program for local businesses, but with its new Broadcast service, the company is looking occupy space beyond the point-of-sale.

In terms of its function, LevelUp’s Broadcast enables its 200 restaurant partners’  up-to-the-minute menu choices from their collective 50,000 locations to be accessed across Facebook, Messenger, Yelp, Foursquare, Amazon Alexa, Chase Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, as well as other platforms.

The promise of restaurants efficiently “broadcasting” out their menu also entials sending out targeted rewards and marketing campaigns across LevelUp’s network of digital and social partners.

LevelUp app in action

“Today’s highly mobile consumer is increasingly turning to their favorite social and digital channels for everything they do – from keeping up with friends to searching for directions, to browsing nearby restaurant options,” said Seth Priebatsch, founder and CEO, LevelUp. “LevelUp Broadcast enables consumers to discover nearby restaurants, browse the menu, place an order, pay and collect rewards, all directly within the channels where they already live, work and play, and at the very moment when they are actively seeking lunch or dinner options.

“And because customers spend up to 50 percent more on digital orders than on orders placed in-restaurant or by phone, restaurants that use Broadcast are not only capturing new guests, but also high ticket sales,” Priebatsch added.

“At Mama Fu’s, we are thrilled to be working with LevelUp as we build our digital presence and give guests new ordering options,” said Joshua Churnick, director of Marketing, of Austin, Tx.-based Mama Fu’s.”Having the added visibility on so many digital channels is a no-brainer for our customer acquisition strategy.”

The move comes as platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook attempt to make unbranded search of individual products more easily discoverable by local consumers.

In June 2017, for example, Google My Business merchants and brands were presented with a new discovery tool dubbed Google Post that lets businesses create short  announcements, promotions, events, and other news be found directly in query results and on their Google Maps listings.

Before that, GMB added the ability for restaurants to publish their entire, detailed menus within their search results across Google could change the way eateries are ultimately discovered by patrons interested in specific meals.

“Businesses succeed and grow when they reach new customers online,” said Ranjith Jayaram, product manager for Google Local Search at the time. “With more than 80 percent of people searching the web to find local information, it’s important to have a high quality presence that showcases what makes your business unique.

By adopting tools to meet that same need, we asked LevelUp to elaborate on its menu management offering and what Broadcast’s potential value is for restaurants.

LevelUp Menu

How Broadcast Works

The service allows a restaurant’s menu and information to be uploaded and formatted to suit the style of each platform, and saves the restaurant from having to create one-on-one relationships with every digital ordering company. Broadcast allows consumers to discover nearby restaurants, browse the menu, place an order, pay and collect rewards, all directly within the channels they are already using and familiar with.

As a brand introduces changes to their menu or locations (seasonal items, new ingredients, store hours, new locations, etc.), Broadcast clients simply upload those changes to the LevelUp platform and LevelUp automatically distributes the new information across all digital channels.

“Menus are updated in a matter of seconds post-upload. Broadcast also keeps live track of inventory and can de-list items as they run out,” a LevelUp rep said. “Broadcast eliminates the complexity of having several listings with potential different information that creates user confusion and deteriorates the customer experience.”

Restaurants will be able to use their messaging and push notification programs with new customers they acquire through Broadcast.

“We see Broadcast as a new way to acquire customers that brands can then engage using their loyalty and engagement programs, which can be powered by LevelUp or other providers,” the rep added.

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