Last Look App Brings An ‘On-Demand’ Angle To Content Approval

The app — which has both B2B and B2C applications — makes it easier for professionals to edit and approve photos for social media, marketing applications, and more.

With the rise of the “uberfication” of everything, a plethora of consumer-facing apps have sprung up to address mobile users’ on-demand desires. But the need for immediacy and mobile access is equally present in a business-to-business context, and this is the niche that Last Look app hopes to fulfill for creative professionals.

Last Look — which has both B2B and B2C applications — allows users to share photos within a private group so that fellow users (largely co-workers or clients) can comment on, edit, and approve content in a seamless manner. This can streamline and simplify the process of doing everything from singing off on ad content to approving photos to be shared on a brand’s social media page.

“Authenticity is of the utmost importance to consumers,” said Andrea Marcucci, founder and CEO of Last Look App. “Last Look allows a company to address this by selecting and approving photos that will be released to the public.”

Last Look App

GeoMarketing: How does Last Look function in both a B2B and B2C context? Can you give an example?

Andrea Marcucci: Sure. For a first example, let’s say you’re a fashion stylist and you’re working on set. You are working together with a client to create a campaign or a project.

So, you’re there, and you’re creating the project, and you need to share images with your client, who may not be able to be on set. The app enables the client to see what images have been approved, and in turn allows the person on set to get approvals back from the client in a concise way. The team is all on board and is all on the same page. In the same vein, it also has great applications for social media teams [looking for] image approval.

Another example, in a more consumer-facing context, would be a wedding planner working with a client. A bride has to make so many different decisions — cakes, dresses, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, etc. So this is an easy way for her and her planner to see all of her projects in one place and to see what has been approved or “checked off.”

As the world has become increasingly mobile-first, that has changed these internal business processes as well as consumer-facing marketing. How is Last Look addressing businesses’ needs?

Last Look is addressing the need for companies, from large corporations to small blogs, to stay up to speed with technology, especially in the creative production space. It is also addressing a social need for consumers — right now targeting mainly brides and social media junkies — to communicate with their peers and receive input in a fast, efficient manner.

One would think by texting or emailing images the approval process would be simple, but it isn’t.  Emails go back and forth with every iteration, and the conclusion is that they can be burdensome.  Last Look creates a space where everyone is on the same page in real-time, saving time and money and sanity.

Last Look raised an initial Angel round two years ago. What’s next for the company?

So many things!  We are solidifying exciting partnerships, which we will announce shortly.  We want to be the go-to platform for approving images.

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