Kroger Expands Online Shop/Offline Pickup Options At A Dozen Cincinnati Locations

ClickList lets grocery shoppers select items on their PCs and smartphones that can be picked up in the parking lot.

Supermarket chain Kroger is extending the rollout of its year-old ClickList, an online shopping program that lets consumers order items on the web and then have them brought out to their car when they’re ready to be picked up, at roughly a dozen stores in its hometown of Cincinnati.

ClickList is among a series of omnichannel tools that Kroger has invested in since launching the checkout line management program QueVision in 2012. QueVision, which has been implemented at most of Kroger’s 2,600 stores across 34 states, uses a mix of sensors placed at entrances and checkout lines to alert managers of long waits, while also supplying them with access to predictive analytics in order to prevent bottlenecks from occurring in the first place.

Last October, the 133-year-old grocery chain began exploring the use of “smart-shelves,” where digital displays replaced stickers to provide nutritional information, video ads to drive customers to specific products, push notifications about promotions, sales, and coupons.

The ClickList feature covers 40,000 products and is running in nine Cincinnati-area locations, according to local TV station WLWT-5, which first reported the news on its Tuesday night broadcast, adding that Kroger is working on doubling that number by the end of 2016.

And while many omnichannel programs that retailers and chains have developed over the past year have been aimed at tech savvy consumers, the TV station interviewed a harried mother of five children who has used ClickList twice and is simply impressed with the efficiency of the service, not the novelty factor.

“I would do this every week,” the shopper told WLWT from the driver’s seat of her crowded minivan.

The first three orders a customer makes are free. After that, a flat $4.95 fee is added to a ClickList order, which lets users choose a date and time for their items to be picked up.

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