Kinetic Aims To Bridge Mobile, Social, OOH With ‘Active Journeys’

'We are closing the loop of online to offline by connecting physical spaces with digital, individual interactions," says Global CMO Liliana Caro.

WPP’s Kinetic has launched “Active Journeys” for brands, a new context-based planning model that integrates mobile and social to improve out-of-home targeting and campaigns — aimed at enabling connections with audiences on-the-go at particular locations that have been observed to influence their behaviors and decisions.

Essentially, the move appears designed to ensure that out-of-home advertising increasingly customizable — based on time of day, weather, social behaviors, and more — in order to better understand consumers’ purchase journeys and target them accordingly with “experiences they want to act upon directly.”

“With Active Journeys we are closing the loop of [online-to-offline] by connecting spaces and environments with digital, individual interactions in a scalable way,” said Liliana Caro, Global CMO at Kinetic, who developed the model. “This is the new context, and Active Journeys brings that vision to life: [Empowering] brands to measurably interact with specific audiences through environments in the moment, both physically or via their mobile, creating richer and more valuable experiences.”


Here’s how Active Journeys has worked in practice: Kicking off with test partners in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and China, Kinetic’s tests included a campaign for Universal Pictures’ Girl on the Train film.

Signage encouraged subway commuters to “snap to unlock” encrypted billboard advertising. Snapchat users could scan the content and unlock special geofilters related to building buzz for the film’s debut. In its first weekend of release, the movie came in number one at the box office, earning $24.5 million, Kinetic said.

As the company continues to move forward with a mind toward bridging digital, mobile, and out-of-home regardless of offline and online silos, interested marketers will be able to experiment with different ways to deliver more relevant content to consumers as they go about their daily lives — and see if this communication can have an impact on driving actual foot traffic and/or addressing retail sales downturn.

“Kinetic’s Active Journeys is another step towards not just attribution but agency accountability,” David Shim, founder & CEO of Placed, said in a statement. “[We think] it will enable much more effective in-channel and cross-channel measurement and optimization while informing strategies around how messages can be layered across channels to more intelligently reflect consumer mindsets and drive action.”

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