Jivox Taps IBM Watson Advertising’s WEATHERfx To Create Ads Based On Local Conditions

"Since [weather] is very specific to the consumer's location, it will spur people to visit offline stores for purchases," says Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney.

Jivox, a tech company that “dynamically” creates digital ads based on real-time data, is connecting with IBM Watson Advertising’s analytics tool WEATHERfx to better inform and target its marketing messages and images based on local conditions.

IBM Watson Advertising, which was rebranded from The Weather Company’s ad sales arm, has been working to incorporate artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and insights into the way meteorological changes impact marketing and consumers’ choices.

By interpreting weather elements, sales, and/or consumer data, Watson Advertising identifies weather condition mixes most likely to drive behavior to create corresponding WEATHERfx  triggers.

Those WEATHERfx  triggers will inform the Jivox’s DecisionGraph technology, which is the company’s AI-powered recommendations, and dynamic audience scoring to allow brand marketers to develop and update marketing campaigns in real-time, as well as adjust messaging and creative based on local weather conditions.

The goal is to offer “hyper-personalized” and hyperlocal content that spurs consumer actions.

“Today’s consumer is inundated with hundreds of marketing messages each day, most of which are unrelated to their next action or purchase potential,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Founder and CEO, Jivox. “Now, brands have the capability to combine Watson Advertising’s weather data with other first-party, third-party and contextual data to activate accurate and meaningful messaging in real-time. In addition, CPG brands will benefit from having data that does not rely on individual first-party data, which can be hard to obtain.”

Among the features available to Jivox clients as a result of the WEATHERfx tools:

  • Global weather data from The Weather Company, an IBM Business (the most accurate forecaster in the world per study by ForecastWatch)
  • Real-time weather data that is refreshed every 15 minutes for 2.2 billion locations
  • Deeper insight on what products sell best under certain weather conditions
  • Granular triggers that correspond to activity, relative condition, or product
  • Dynamic targeting can be anywhere: brand properties, online and in-store

“Weather forecast data from IBM Watson Advertising can encourage people to visit stores in anticipation of weather conditions ahead (buy a sweater due to cold weather, check your tires before the snowstorm, etc.),” Nesamoney said in response to a question about how digital weather insights can influence offline, physical world shopping. “Since it is very specific to the consumer’s location, it will spur people to visit offline stores for purchases. In addition, product recommendations that are weather-driven can also spur offline shopping.”

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