Is Ex-Google Nest-er Yoky Matsuoka Apple’s New Health App Doctor?

Matsuoka most recently ran biomedical data provider Quanttus and will report to Apple COO Jeff Williams.

Yoky Matsuoka, the former VP of Google’s Nest Labs, is taking on a mysterious new role at Apple that would appear to have her spearheading the Cupertino company’s expansion into health and wellness apps and Internet of Things devices like the Apple Watch.

According to Marketwatch, which first reported the news, Matsuoka will report directly to Apple COO Jeff Williams. Williams oversees Apple’s various health products, including HealthKit, ResearchKit, and the new CareKit.

Those tools have yet to realize their full potential, though the year-old Apple Watch is viewed as the key to making its mobile-based wellness features more mainstream.

Given Matsuoka’s experience with both health tech and IoT, she would seem to be perfectly positioned to elevate both sides of Apple’s wellness and wearables ambitions together.

A former Japanese tennis player who went on to study robotics and biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in the early 2000s, Matsuoka was named head of innovation at Google in 2009. In that role, Matsuoka co-founded of the company’s stealthy R&D facility, Google [x].

She left Google to become VP of technology for Internet of Things tech company Nest Labs in 2010. When Google acquired Nest in 2014 for $3.2 billion, Matsuoka kept that post for another year.

In 2015, she was named CEO of Quanttus, a health and wellness tech company. The company’s main product is

Aside from that, health and technology have also impacted Matsuoka personally. A year ago, she told followers in a Medium post that she had been battling a “life-threatening illness” and had turned down a position at Twitter. After successful treatments, she said she wanted to spend time with her family and reevaluate her career path.

“The treatments have worked so far and the doctors have given me a thumbs up,” she wrote in the May 2015 post. “A new future has begun to fill my mind again. When you get another chance at life, there’s an opportunity to start from scratch and I feel so lucky to have this.”