Instagram Looks To Appeal To SMBs With Brand Pages, New Analytics Offering

The forthcoming update adds ‘contact business’ buttons and access to directions.

Instagram confirmed this March that it was developing official business profiles — essentially an Instagram version Facebook Brand Pages. The business profiles will include a “contact button” and access to maps and directions.

Now, the photo sharing app is reportedly prepping a series of other new tools for businesses on its platform: In addition to the brand pages offering, Instagram will debut new offerings for tracking analytics around posts as well as an ad buying experience on mobile.

Details of the new features were first revealed on’s blog, and TechCrunch initially reported on the leak.

SMB Friendly

The updates, whose existence was confirmed by an Instagram spokesperson in a statement to TechCrunch, do not have a set rollout date at this time. But their forthcoming existence means big things for brands, as they could fundamentally restructure how consumers interact with businesses on the app.

Instagram already has a plethora of advertisers working to target the app’s 400 million active users, but this update suggests a commitment to appealing more to local SMBs — much as Facebook has done with its “click to message” brand page updates.

If users can seamlessly contact — or get directions to — a nearby business with the touch of a button on Instagram, that business is likely to see an uptick in foot traffic. It also requires very little tech-savvy on the part of the business; as has been proven on Facebook, SMBs with small budgets can set up a simple brand page and then respond to customer inquiries easily and without much tech know-how.

As for the updated analytics tools, not much is known yet — though according to what can be seen in’s screenshots, the offering will be called “Insights.” TechCrunch reports that the follower analytics section will offer demographic audience details, including followers’ location, age, and gender so that brands can better curate and target posts.

Additionally, location information is made available by country or by city, in what looks to be an effort to make it useful for both bigger brands and the smaller, local business that Instagram is trying to attract with its forthcoming brand pages.

In any case, new details are likely to emerge soon, but the available information suggests that the new offerings will mark a significant change for the app, finally allowing businesses to list their information — and be contacted seamlessly by users — in an official capacity.

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