Indoorway Combines Indoor Navigation, Location Analytics

The Warsaw-based location tech company looks to help retailers deliver turn-by-turn navigation to shoppers — and then analyze their movements to improve targeting.

Konrad Stanik
Konrad Stanik

As retailers look to cater to consumers’ reliance on smartphones as an in-store shopping aid this holiday season, buzz is heating up around indoor location mapping — and Warsaw-based Indoorway believes its indoor location solution has the right pieces in place to help brick-and-mortars deliver turn-by-turn navigation and hyper-targeted deals at exactly the right moment.

The key, Indoorway CEO Konrad Stanik posits, is that Indoorway combines consumer-focused features like aisle navigation with analytics, giving brands insight into consumers’ movements and habits without the need for visitors to install anything on their phones.

As a result, retailers can improve their targeted offers and boost sales — particularly at the crucial holiday time.

“Indoorway allows brands to equip apps with turn-by-turn indoor navigation and location aware features. Additionally, thanks to the analytics portion, brands are able to use location-based historical data to understand customers’ routines and habits, and therefore monetize the space of their facilities,” Stanik says. “This works for shops in malls, as well for bigger fairs or outdoor events. [They can all] optimize their appearance thanks to real life data, check out how they attract people, and then [use those insights] in the future.”

Indoorway — which is powered by a combination of wi-fi, BLE, map matching, and magnetic positioning — reports that it has demonstrated 1-2 m accuracy in enabling 20,000 mobile app users to navigate through different venues in beta trials. Eighteen (as yet unnamed) retailers have adopted Indoorway analytics to understand visitors’ routines and to better target them both in and out of stores.

“A lot of retailers are installing beacons, or maybe using simple proximity solutions repackaged as indoor location,” Stanik says. “We try to focus on building real value and taking marketing intelligence tools to the next level by combining the features that retailers need.”

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