In Promoting The PGA Tour And Atlanta Sponsors, Gimbal Focused On The Before And After

The idea is to keep the connected experience going through a variety of stages to reinforce and amplify a location and the messages surrounding it.

“Enhancing the customer experience” is the general reason brands and places give when asked about the reason for using proximity-based marketing. As the use of Bluetooth-powered beacons continues to expand within local businesses’ wider curiosity about incorporating mobility and the Internet of Things into their physical stores and product displays, defining that individual notion of “experience” more precisely is an essential part of any geomarketing program.

Over the years, location-marketing platform Gimbal has worked with the PGA Tour, the North American golf championship, to provide connections between fans and organizers at sprawling courses during August and September.

While Gimbal provided the geo-based connections, its other tech partners, app-based mobile marketing provider Urban Airship on messaging, and place-focused app developer Eventbase on the PGA Tour’s mobile platform, helped round out the necessary services between fans and their smartphone tools.

Pre Event image“Improving the fan experience is one of the most important initiatives at the PGA TOUR” said David Plant, director of Mobile for the PGA Tour, which tapped Gimbal and its allies for the Atlanta portion of the event championship tournament in September. “We’ve discovered that campaigns and promotions that integrate proximity and location awareness is a fundamental component in truly defining the fan experience. Delivering hyper-relevant information to fans has a direct correlation to enhancing their experience, loyalty, ticket sales and the value of a sponsorship.”

Aside helping attendees find their way around the course and provide them with information about when and where favorite golfers were hitting the green, Gimbal and its tech partners also included local business sponsors like Fox Brothers BBQ and institutions like the Coca-Cola Museum as part of the event.

“Fox Brother’s Barbecue and other local sponsors are the go-to places in Atlanta,” said Cristina Aldrete, marketing manager for Gimbal, following a webinar that detailed the PGA Tour work with Urban Airship and Eventbase. “So it was important to include them as part of the pre-event marketing. They were out priming people and, not in so many words, letting them know what was coming. They created content that was a guide to the championship.”

after the event imageThe integration of similar marketing relationships between the PGA Tour, its app, and local businesses and places of interest were continued across 10 other states throughout the contest.

“The benefits — fan engagement and experience enhancement, elevating the sponsorships — is about reinforcing a message in advance of and well after the action that is ultimately drawing everyone’s attention,” Gimbal’s Aldrete said. “And certainly, it’s the kind of dynamic that can be and should be mirrored in a retail situation as well.”

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