Ibotta Unveils ‘Smarter’ Shopping List Tool

Millennials don’t clip coupons. But Ibotta bets that making it easier to organize digital deals will get them into stores.

Ibotta says it can turn your shopping list into cash (with a rebate, to be exact.)
Ibotta says it can turn your shopping list into cash (with a rebate, to be exact.)

In-store rebate app platform Ibotta has released a virtual wishlist as part of its latest attempt to bring the tenets of newspaper circulars into omnichannel age.

Previously, in order to activate a rebate from Ibotta’s shopping app, users would be required to actually purchase the item before they would get their cashback rewards.

With the release of their new shopping list feature, that is no longer a problem. Customers can add products that they would like to buy to a virtual wishlist housed on Ibotta’s app and immediately see what their cashback rebate options would be. Then they go to the store, buy the product, scan the coupon from their phones, and get their just rewards.

“Everyone loves a deal,” said Richard Donahue, Ibotta’s VP of Marketing. “We’ve made it easy to get cashback on whatever you are looking to buy. Simply add it to your list and like magic, we’ll find you cash.”

Cutting Out Coupons

For years, there was a long tradition of cutting coupons before you went to the store. With the rest of our daily documents becoming increasingly digitized, it was only a matter of time before coupons started going that way as well. We’ve written previously on other digital couponing campaigns, like Macy’s My Wallet coupon scanning feature.

Ibotta describes the process of paper coupon cutting as “[not just] inconvenient, but also limited what they could buy and where they could interact,” in a statement.

But with the new wishlist feature, customers can get cashback rewards on a variety of different products and retailers, all consolidated into one easy place.

The shopping list feature expands on Ibotta’s Any Brand program, which provides cashback to consumers for purchases in the most popular supermarket categories – milk, eggs, bread, fruit, vegetables, etc. Ibotta claims that consumers can earn up to hundreds of dollars a year in cashback rewards through the use of its wishlist feature, without being limited to whatever brands they can find coupons for in the local catalogue.

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