How Plus-Size Fashion Retailer Eloquii Uses Its ‘Digital Black Book’ To Personalize Store Visits

The Eloquii "Curated Campaigns" are designed to delight customers with "a visually curated, personalized experience" that encourages the customer to come in-store and shop, says Snap+Style's Anna Jensen.

Personalization is the key attribute retailers need to provide in order to beat back the challenge from Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, and plus-size women’s apparel chain Eloquii has made customization ate central part of its marketing strategy.

The retailer has been working with Snap+Style Business,  a software company that markets personalization software to retailers, on the introduction of Curated Campaigns to drive online and in-store sales of featured products.

Four years into Eloquii’s comeback as an independent retailer after its initial parent, The Limited, decided to cut it loose just three years after its debut, the retailer is in the midst of planning its latest store in Houston, Texas. (Eloquii also has stores in Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois.)

“[Curated Campaignss] is the definition of omnichannel execution and helps to create a seamless offline and online connection with customers in a highly personalized way,” said Anna Jensen, co-Founder and chief brand officer of Snap + Style Business. “Personalization is top of mind for most retailers today. The consumer and the shopping experience has shifted with the advancements in technology. Retailers must adapt and change in order to stay relevant and continue to be a player. Adopting new technologies that not only engage the consumer, but the retailers existing assets , including its store associates, is the first step.”

Specifically, Jensen defines Curated Campaigns as a “digital black book,” where   conversations are initiated by store associates to their customers.

“These personalized campaigns can be 1:1 or 1: many and are delivered to the customer via email,” Jensen tells GeoMarketing. “Curated Campaigns are designed to delight customers with a visually curated, personalized experience allowing for the customer to shop directly from the recommendations or the store associates encourages the customer to come in-store and shop. It is about building relationships while simultaneously tracking success metrics.”

The store associate uses the personalized messages in the Curated Campaigns to encourage customers to come in-store, make appointments, attend events etc. The inherent nature of the platform is communication and engagement, she adds.

“The Curated Campaigns… gives the store associate the ability to have all of their customer contact information in one location and to visually curate product while adding a personalized touch for customers,” Jensen says. “In turn, the customer is able to respond directly to the email, easily click on the product to purchase online, or visit their local store to complete the purchase.”

The email the customer receives is no-longer a “do not reply.” The customer can respond directly and go back and forth with that store associate to have the same conversation they would have if they were in-store, Jensen says.

As for Eloquii using other tools, such as location attribution, SEO, Google Maps, etc.,  in concert with Snap+Style’s Curated Campaigns, Jensen says, “We ingest store customer information into the platform, so they are already in the store system. They continue to add new customers directly into the platform as they come into the store. The emails they receive are from that specific store location, so the customer knows the location.”


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