How Planet Fitness Lifted Franchises’ Messaging Engagement 200 Percent With Salesforce ‘Distributed Marketing’

The addition to Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Journey Builder is meant to synthesize brands' national and local email and social messages, says Salesforce's Meghann York.

Planet Fitness, a gym chain with 10 million members and 1,400 franchises, the challenge of crafting seamless national-to-local messages across email and social media something all multi-location brands can relate to.

The company began piloting a program dubbed Distributed Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to make the ability of communicating “customer experience” more automated and tailored to local consumers.

Chris Lavoie, VP of Information Systems at Planet Fitness, worked with Salesforce to improved how he and his team manage partnerships with franchise owners, how they collaborate and how they streamline critical processes such as opening new stores.

As a result, Planet Fitness has increased franchisee engagement almost 200 percent, boosted email engagement with 1.9 million emails sent to members per month and have handled 300,000 social customer service cases in the past six months.

“We’re excited about Distributed Marketing from Salesforce because it’s the next step for companies like ours to empower franchise owners to communicate with their members through curated marketing journeys and on-brand content. This kind of solution will have a big impact on driving Planet Fitness memberships and member engagement,” says Lavoie.

Distributed Marketing from Salesforce is aimed at letting corporate marketers  “pre-build personalized customer journeys” which can then be shared to their partner networks. From there, partners using Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Community Cloud and the retail focused Journey Builder can  manage  programs such as on-boarding new clients, holiday promotions and renewals.

“I would think of it as a consumer experience solution,” says Meghann York, director, Product Marketing for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. “We have all this great research about how consumers are expecting ‘connected customer experiences’ and how they want to have very personalized interactions, whether they’re opening an email, or calling up your service department, or getting an email from a financial advisor or a gym.”