How Placed And Adobe Are Closing The Loop Around Attributing “Linear” TV Ads To Offline Store Visits

"Over half of TV buys on Adobe Advertising Cloud feature advanced attribution linking online/offline performance to TV ad buys, whether it’s through TV-to-website conversion reporting, brand surveys, or offline sales attribution," says Adobe's Patrick Rubin.

Placed is expanding its connection of location-based audience measurement to TV advertising in a partnership with Adobe Advertising Cloud.

The deal promises to close the loop on whether store visitation is driven by “linear” TV ad views — i.e., “regular,” real-time broadcast and cable viewing as opposed to time-shifted, interactive, and addressable TV watching that has been more easily counted by digital platforms like Placed and its rivals.

By working with Placed, the Adobe Advertising Cloud TV, which provides automated, data-driven planning and buying of television ad placements,​ can now attribute those dollars to store visits via Placed Attribution for TV.

Beyond OTT

“In the past, TV was a single silo, linear, in the last few years we’ve seen a fragmentation that has moved TV closer to digital with the addition of addressable and OTT,” said David Shim, founder and CEO of Placed. “Together, Placed and Adobe are now delivering a solution to premier industry leaders, such as Dentsu Aegis Network and its clients, that makes linear TV just as measurable and accountable as digital.”

As we reported in June, Placed’s deeper push into TV advertising comes two years after it connected its store visit ad measurement capabilities to out-of-home advertising as part of the company’s long held ambition to become the “standard” online/offline attribution solution for brands, agencies, and media sellers.

Placed Attribution for TV’s first partners were Inscape and Kantar, which allowed Placed the ability to attribute video advertising across desktop, mobile, connected TV, addressable, and linear viewing to store visits,  Shim told GeoMarketing at the time.

A Partnership Develops Around All TV Viewing Data

Dentsu Aegis Network was the first to pilot the solution developed in partnership between Placed and Adobe and did so on behalf of a major retail brand (whose name has not been released). According to Placed, the team was able to drive results across linear TV ad spend that could be directly tied to store visits post-exposure. In this inaugural campaign, the brand saw an 8.4 percent lift in store visitation, compared to a similar audience that hadn’t been exposed, ultimately translating into a 2.3x return on ad spend.

“Based on client demand, Adobe Advertising Cloud is always eager to provide first-to-market performance and sales insights for our clients on linear TV and beyond,” Patrick Rubin, head of TV Partnerships at Adobe Advertising Cloud, told GeoMarketing. “Placed Attribution for TV is helping mutual customers like Dentsu Aegis Network link TV ads bought through Adobe Advertising Cloud TV to offline store visits.”

For Adobe Advertising Cloud, Placed brings scale in attribution across one in three U.S. adults with a location-enabled device, Rubin said. On its end, Adobe  brings scale in TV as the most widely-used solution for automated, data-driven buying of TV in all of its forms including linear, addressable and CTV.

Getting Glass-Level Location Data

“Over the past few years, we’ve been accelerating towards our goal of making offline and online performance attribution of TV campaigns as simple as digital media,” Rubin said. “Placed is a great partner there, and we also leverage a combination of automatic content recognition technology and Adobe’s proprietary device graph to accomplish that goal. Over half of TV buys on Adobe Advertising Cloud feature advanced attribution linking online/offline performance to TV ad buys, whether it’s through TV-to-website conversion reporting, brand surveys, or offline sales attribution.

“Adobe Advertising Cloud also has recently integrated with multiple credit/debit card data sets, offline ROI providers, multi-touch attribution vendors and app install partners,” Rubin added.

Essentially, the work with Adobe and Dentsu Aegis is about keeping Shim’ earlier vow to provide granular, “glass-level” TV-viewing data into Placed location-based data measurement platform to deliver its 300+ industry partners and 500+ advertisers an omnichannel attribution and targeting solution, at scale.

“Linear TV advertising is still a massive opportunity for brands that want to drive awareness of their products or services,” said Michael Law, EVP & Managing Director of US Media Investment for Dentsu Aegis Network. “The ability to accurately and uniformly measure the effectiveness of our clients’ ad spend across all channels is hugely important. Tying store visits to media spend is old news for digital, but this partnership between Placed and Adobe makes doing that a reality across linear TV and enables us to compare cross-channel campaign results on a more level playing field.”

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