How Moët & Chandon Relied On Video, Live Events To Kick Off Its New ‘Must Be’ Campaign

The campaign launched in conjunction with Moët Grand Day and Rosé Day LA.

Moët & Chandon has debuted its new global ad campaign, “Must Be,” in a bid to boost sales by leveraging the storied association between celebrations and champagne — a move that sees the brand relying on video and real-time event tie-ins to engage both existing customers and younger demographics.

The Moët & Chandon brand boasts plenty of history: Founded in 1743, the champagne purveyor sees name recognition across age groups — and appears in popular culture. But the house’s latest effort is to use modern day digital tactics — while still maintaining the brand’s voice — to showcase why memorable moments “must be” celebrated with Moët.

“In life, we don’t remember days, we remember moments of heightened emotion, of great success, of overwhelming pleasure, or simply of sheer happiness,” says Nathalie Normand, Global Chief Marketing & Communication Officer for Moët & Chandon. “Our new Must Be ad campaign offers worldwide audiences an abundance of emotions that make up some of life’s enjoyable moments, celebrated with a bottle of Moët & Chandon.”

Popping Bottles

The campaign launched with a short film on the day of live event Rosé Day LA on June 9, which coincided with the brand’s Moët Grand Day, an annual day of champagne celebrations around the globe.

Launching the film in conjunction with the live events was likely a smart play: Research indicates that leveraging a real-time event tie-in as part of an ad effort — with the physical experience and social media buzz that it entails — has been shown to boost sales.

Additionally, the global ad campaign is set to be released across digital platforms, movie theaters and social media going forward. This will reach customers across demographics, but it just might be a boon for attracting the next generation of champagne drinkers: Gen-Z consumers, the oldest of whom are now turning 21, often prefer video ad content, and research shows that they do watch an average of 68 videos per day.

“Whether on the beach this summer enjoying Moet Ice, at a picnic with Imperial Rosé, or celebrating a wedding with a Grand Vintage,” Renaud Butel, Moet & Chandon USA’s Vice President, tells GeoMarketing, “‘Must Be’ reinforces to consumers that no matter what you’re celebrating, there must be a style of Moet & Chandon right for the occasion.”

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