How Haircare Brand Zotos AGEbeautiful Lifted Retail Partner Visits By 20 Percent

Zotos hair-coloring brand AGEbeautiful’s creative campaign relied on location analytics to influence a creative campaign with geo-data specialist PlaceIQ and ad buyer Media Horizons that resulted in a 20 percent visitation lift to the key retailer that offers its product line.

In addition, the effort nearly doubled visitation among audiences that had recently visited beauty salons, measured over a control group, PlaceIQ says.

“It was a national campaign that sought to drive visitation to the more than 3,000 retailers that carry its products,” says PlaceIQ Duncan McCall. “These retailers were in states including New York, LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago.”

Zotos doesn’t have its own stores; like most beauty brands, the seven-year-old company sells its products through brick and mortar retail partners.

AGEbeautiful’s 2017 program employed PlaceIQ’s Place Visit Rate software to better understand its consumers location habits and patterns to create clearer targeting and messaging options. From there, the geo-data was used to measure subsequent in-store visitation.

For these campaigns, AGEbeautiful sought to drive brand awareness and foot traffic via a limited offer involving a $3-off promotion for its line of products. The online discount also featured a store locator for potential buyers to find their nearest brick-and-mortar retailer.

“This was a good example of an innovative brand in the ultra-competitive beauty category using location-based insights for promotions, driving retail foot traffic, measurement, and personalizing the customer experience,” McCall said.

The focus of the campaign was strictly to find likely AGEbeautiful shoppers rather than use tactics like geoconquesting. By targeting female audiences that frequented hair salons and those that had purchased competitive haircare products and specific women’s apparel brands, PlaceIQ and Media Horizons were able to segment audiences based on real-world visits.

That in turn allowed Zotos to deliver ads even when the audiences weren’t near one of their retailers.

PlaceIQ’s Place Visit Rate works by measuring, over a control group, the amount of visitors to these retailers (based on PlaceIQ’s understanding of where these retailers are) for those exposed to the campaign.

The geo-data specialist was able to “clearly prove return on investment for the campaign by measuring in-store foot traffic, giving the brand valuable insights they could use to inform future decisions about media including”:

“AGEbeautiful, the first professional anti-aging hair color has been growing its sales at an incredible rate,” said Elizabeth Kenny, Managing Director, Zotos Professional. “Working with Media Horizons and PlaceIQ gave us insight to better understand our target audience, how to reach them and grow stronger. Additionally, it increased awareness, in-store foot traffic and sales. The ROI from these campaigns is clear and helps to inform future campaigns to these goals.”

“As a results-driven agency, we place an emphasis on delivering transparent value to our clients,” said Erica DePalma, VP, Digital Marketing, Media Horizons. “Using location data, audiences and measurement from PlaceIQ has allowed us to take a holistic approach to delivering and measuring campaigns. With location as a starting layer, we were able to craft a media approach that performed exceedingly well.”