How Conductor And SEMrush Are Working On Search Intent To Improve Brands’ Chances With Voice Activated Devices

"Understanding search intent is really the cornerstone of all search optimization, including voice," says Conductor exec Katherine Heisler.

The expansion of the search marketing and analytics partnership between Conductor and SEMRush last week promises their clients better insight into “search intent.”

As Chinese telecom maker Huawei has predicted that by 2025, there will be over 100 billion connected devices — almost 14 devices per person. And people will be using those devices to search for all kinds of things, whether to satisfy a “micro-moment” like finding a nearby café, or a visual search to buy new clothes, or a voice search to do all of the above.

Being able to accurately decipher that and show up as highly as possible will have a greater impact on which brands succeed and which don’t.

As Conductor and SEMRush sense that the need for such services will be greater demand by marketers, their expanded alliance involves “co-creating” products to deliver new solutions to the market— enabling brands to better analyze and optimize their organic marketing performance.

Both companies R&D teams will be joining forces to co-develop unique capabilities exclusively for Conductor’s customers. This means better support and robust solutions to serve the growing needs of enterprise brands in the long-term, such as:

  • Custom index for business vertical
  • Incorporating details of a specific universal items (result type) within index data
  • Expansion of index to new locales

We checked in with Katherine Heisler, Conductor’s director of Strategic Alliances, to get a fuller sense of how this partnership is evolving, what they’ll be offering clients, and how Conductor itself is growing since being acquired by office space renter WeWork this past March.

GeoMarketing: What’s the nature of the partnership between Conductor and SEMrush and how is it evolving with this news about “doubling down” on the alliance?

Katherine Heisler: We’ve maintained a great relationship with SEMrush since we started working with them in 2012. We’re going above and beyond with a new long-term agreement that allows both SEMrush and Conductor to co-develop products and deliver new solutions to the market.

This means we’ll be able to deliver new solutions exclusively for Conductor customers, leveraging SEMrush’s industry-leading keyword indices and Conductor’s insight engine.

How does this expanded relationship benefit clients? And are there any specific kinds of businesses this alliance is particularly intended to benefit?

The structure of our new partnership is an industry first. It enables us to combine our resources and deliver new organic marketing solutions. For example, we could deliver a custom index for a specific business vertical or incorporate details of a specific universal items within index data.

Does the use of search intent data also make it more likely that marketers will be able to show up as the “preferred answer” in things like voice activated searches on via Amazon Echo’s Alexa or Google’s Home’s Assistant?

Yes. Understanding search intent is really the cornerstone of all search optimization, including voice. Intelligent assistants like Alexa and Google Home draw their voice search responses from answer boxes. To rank for answer boxes, Google rewards brands that best match the search intent of the user.

Aside I was hoping to get a sense of how Conductor is evolving within WeWork. How has that relationship evolved?

Since we joined WeWork in March, the biggest change at Conductor has been growth. We’re hiring 100 new engineers to our R&D team to focus on product research and development. We’ve also been expanding customer support in the UK and EMEA.

Conductor’s product, people, and vision have stayed the same. We are still focused on what we do best — organic marketing — but at a much larger scale. We’re working closely with WeWork to develop holistic solutions — space and services — for enterprise companies.

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