Home Depot’s Project Paint App Adds Color To Omnichannel Strategy

The DIY chain is (virtually) putting its paint department inside and outside consumers’ homes — and getting them to the store.

Choose a color with Home Depot
Choose a color with Home Depot

Home Depot has rolled out a mobile app uses virtual reality to show DIY-ers what their walls of their dwellings will look like when they attempt that perfect paint job.

The home improvement chain is aiming its Project Paint app — available for both Google Android and Apple iOS devices — as a way of taking the “pain points” out of finding the best colors and exact shades for their walls.

The company says in a press release that “upwards of 75 percent of customers decide to forgo a paint project because they cannot decide on a color. The app was built to compensate for a perennial problem with paper color swatches available in stores — namely that hues and tints can look very different when taken home due to variances coming from lighting, shadows, and other items in a room or outside a house, notes Samara Tuchband, general manager, online at Home Depot.

In a larger sense, offering a specific app for a specific need is part of Home Depot’s broader omnichannel efforts and as a way to use digital to separate itself from local competitors.

The Project Color app is accompanied by an online microsite called Color Center.

The process is based off of color first and brand last, so you know you’ll be getting the exact shade that’s right for you,” Tuchband says. “Only after you narrow down the color, sheen and everything else that’s important for you do we refine the results and share the brands that can give you what you need.”

GeoMarketing: How did Home Depot decide to offer Project Color? Had the company become more aware of the possibilities of this technology and simply decide to give it a shot?

Samara Tuchband: Home Depot is committed to providing best in class experiences for our customers and help make the projects they take on easier. There was a definite need for this in the marketplace. Augmented reality has been available within mobile for a while, but we found a partner that could help us amplify its benefits across key categories and projects — the result is an intuitive, realistic experience grounded in what the customer needs.

Was the idea for the Project Color app in development, either internally or with a third party developer, for some time? Or did this come together relatively quickly? Why is now the right time for this app?

Development was let by our in-house team, but complimented by our relationship with an exclusive technology partner that helps fuel the app experience. Now more than ever, customers are looking for that confidence when choosing their paint colors and that’s what we aim to achieve with this app.

Is the app aimed at a specific segment/segments of customers, such as Millennials?

The app is geared towards anyone looking to step into the next realm of painting. The days of taping paint swatches to your wall are long gone. This app was developed to cross generations and create an easier paint experience.

Does Project Color follow any other app or digital offerings that Home Depot offers that’s intended to make a DIY project easier to shop for?

Our “The Home Depot app” is also intended to make a DIY or DIFM (“do it for me”) project easier whether the customer starts researching on the app, online or in-store. The app features including our product locater, which allows customers to find products with ease, and our image search, which allows customers to snap a pic of an item and browse similar products, help make tackling a DIY project a breeze.

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