Here’s How ‘Anti-Agency’ Breakfast Plans To Upend In-Store Displays

The Brooklyn-based artisan studio's Flip-Disc promises to stop consumers 'in their tracks' by updating LED/projection displays with a mix of old and new technology.

Whether or not businesses felt they needed to hack the usual in-store projections announcing big sales or featuring other eye-catching entertainment, Brooklyn based “product and prototype” studio Breakfast has come up with another method designed to arrest shoppers’ attention.

And in keeping with its irreverent self-identification as a “non-agency” and “R&D creative workshop” that serves companies and brands with large-scale and custom signage products, Breakfast bills the new Flip-Disc Display System as providing brands “a mesmerizing kinetic display without having to sell their first born.”

The 17″ x 17″ modular panels contain 784 half-inch Flip-Discs each, and can be arranged into any overall screen size or shape, the company said in a statement. With 32 panels, brands can design a 11′ x 5.5′ rectangular display, or a single row display that is 17″ tall by 45′ long. The Flip-Discs, as well as the casing which holds the discs, can be customized. for specific colors. (See the video preview here, and more details for brands can be found on Breakfast’s site.)

The system follows Breakfast’s F21 Thread for Century 21’s back-to-school campaign last year, which streamed shoppers’ Instagrams to a machine that reconstructed those images along 6,400 spools.

“We’ve watched hundreds of people experience the flip-disc display we have here in our headquarters, and it’s never once failed to mesmerize,” says Breakfast Chief Creative Officer Zolty (his first name is Andrew, but he just goes by his surname). “It’s hard to say exactly why. It’s a mix of the sound and the physical motion of the pixels, but it is just a completely different animal from any LED/TV/projection display. It plays to the some other part of our brains. If you want to get people’s attention, a flip-disc screen will out perform almost any other screen you put next to it.”

Breakfast is currently in discussions with a few brands about using the Flip Disc, but no deals have been signed yet.

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