Google Maps Ups Ride Service Options, Adding Lyft And Gett

Google continues to invest in connecting map users with on-demand transit — and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Thanks to new partnerships with Lyft and Gett, Google Maps will now display options from 9 ride-sharing partners — meaning that users can compare services to find the fastest or most affordable ride without needing to download or open multiple apps.

The move makes sense intuitively: It’s the next step in the evolution of Google wanting to not only direct people to places, but seamlessly get them there. And since companies like Lyft know that over 1 billion users rely on Google Maps, the discoverability benefits of this type of integration are massive.

Here’s how it works, for the uninitiated: Say you’re looking to get from the High Line to Times Square in Manhattan. “When typing these locations into the Google Maps app, you’ll see a ride services tab appear alongside driving, transit and walking directions,” Google wrote in its blog post. “Just tap the icon and you’ll find fare estimates and pick up times from multiple ride service partners, depending on driver availability. We’ll also show various types of services offered by each partner— for instance Lyft may also show options for a Lyft Line ride.”

Google originally introduced the ride services tab back in March, but the introduction of Lyft and Gett brings the total comparable options to nine partners in over 60 countries.

There’s another hidden benefit to the growing ride services integration as well: As Uber, Lyft, Via, and more strike their own brick-and-mortar partnerships aimed at bringing riders to specific businesses, it’s not much of a stretch to see that those businesses are now set to boost foot traffic — and sales — themselves as more users come to the ride services through Google Maps.

Ride options from Lyft will begin appearing across the U.S., while Gett will show availability within New York City.

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