Google Adds ‘Badges’ To Image Search On Mobile

The company's move sees visual discovery taking a big step forward.

Google has updated its app for Android and mobile web with badges for image search, which indicate what else users can discover with a single tap — a move that sees the company furthering the utility and ubiquity of visual discovery.

Here’s how it works: In searches made within the app, users will now see a badge in the bottom lefthand corner of an image. This badge categorizes the image, as well as provides text to clarify what action(s) someone can take.

“These badges will help you uncover images where next steps or more in-depth information is available,” writes Google’s Artur Tsurkan in a blog post. “[It’s] everything from bags to buy, to recipes to try.”

For example, if someone searches for “pies” in Image Search, they will see badges for both video and recipe results, and can then click if they would like to view this more detailed information.

What does this mean for marketers? Well, most already know that search is critically important — 80 percent of US internet users prefer to turn to a search engine to find or look up information about local businesses — and with Google continuing to further its commitment, image search is the next frontier. Online content should include relevant, high-quality, tagged images — ideally alongside other content like recipes or product information that Google may index for.

And statistics indicated that the time to prepare is now: By 2020, an estimated 50 percent of searches will come from images and voice.

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