Going Rogue Places: Understanding Where Star Wars Fans Are Likely To Shop

Foursquare is offering a comparison in location preferences between Star Wars and Star Trek movie fans; meanwhile, Uber and Disney form an alliance.

With fans flocking to theaters to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Foursquare is pointing out not only where those moviegoers are likely to go, but also offering a contrast with those who have gone to see the Star Trek films as marketers try to get in on the action.

A different kind of rebel alliance: Uber cars are "transformed" into Rogue One fighters.
A different kind of rebel alliance: Uber cars are “transformed” into Rogue One fighters.

Uber is one such brand that has aligned itself with Disney-produced film’s opening week. The on-demand ride hailing service worked with Disney to “transform” the Uber rider app into a themed Rogue One experience. When Uber riders opened their app this week, they were able to opt-into a contest that turned the cars into fighters from Rogue One. Riders were also given other features, including access to exclusive video content.

As for Foursquare’s look at the film franchise rivalry between Star Wars and Star Trek, the location intelligence company compared the types of places each group is more likely to visit than the average Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm user. 

Foursquare SW v STFoursquare notes that “just because a chain/category is called out for one segment doesn’t mean the other isn’t likely to go there as well. It just means one segment has a higher affinity than the other (by at least a margin of 10).”

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