GeoMarketing Top 5 Countdown: Halloween Edition

As retailers celebrate Halloween spending, wearables, beacons, and programmatic marketplaces are poised to make a bigger impact on holiday shopping and beyond.

It’s a Happy — not scary — Halloween for retailers this year.

The average person in the US will spend $77.52 this Halloween, compared to $75.03 last year, according to recent figures from the National Retail Federation, a trade group representing local businesses in 45 countries.

That amount indicates a modest rise of 3.3 percent in Halloween-related purchases by consumers,  but in total spending, this holiday will bring in a collective $7.4 billion for costumes and treats. In other words, this is hardly a spooky season for local businesses, as more than two-thirds (67.4 percent) of Halloween revelers will buy Halloween costumes for the holiday, the most in the NRF survey’s 11-year history. Given the rise of location-based advertising in general, particularly around the development specialty pop-up shops devoted to selling Halloween goods, geo-marketing surely played a central role in the rise of this season’s spending. We’ll have more details on how location and pop-ups are impacting the retail landscape in the next few weeks.

As Halloween celebrants consider what to wear for the holiday festivities, here’s something else to consider: a PwC study suggests that the wearable tech market is on the verge of exploding. GeoMarketing explored the opportunities and challenges around digitally connected watches, bracelets, earpieces, fitness bands, and other small electronic items offer marketers. But there’s not a smart-watch on every wrist (at least not yet), so companies we covered this week pursued their advertising options in other unique ways, from trackable mobile ads to beacons.

5. Verve Preps Place-Based Private Marketplace

“With programmatic ad spend set to top $10 billion this year, it’s clear that marketers realize the opportunity it provides,” Verve CEO Tom MacIsaac tells GeoMarketing’s David Kaplan. “[John Haake’s] experience positioning programmatic platforms will help us clearly articulate how Verve can arm advertisers with location informed mobile that is precisely targeted and perfectly timed to drive foot traffic.”

4. Auntie Anne’s Got ‘Redeemed’ With Atlanta Mobile Ads

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels initiated a pilot mobile ad campaign based on digital coupons. The brand wanted to measure and track the effort through the point-of-sale, down to specific consumer purchases at the item level.


3. GameStop Battles ‘Showrooming’ With Beacons

Retailer GameStop is using beacons to beat commerce marketers at their own digital game.

2. Gathering Local Social Conversations In Real Time

Social media aggregator Fliptu is rolling out services for venues who want to get a better view of the digital discussions being shared at and around their locations. CEO Jeremy Gocke talks to GeoMarketing’s Lauryn Chamberlain about prepping for the company’s “hard launch,” and more.

1. Growing Into The Wearable Future

PwC suggests that the wearable tech market is about to take off — and while the opportunities for advertisers are ample, the challenges are deep. Nicole Spector has the details here.

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