From Black Friday To Cyber Monday, Apps Were Total Holiday Shopper’s Tool

Cyber Monday visits to GPShopper’s client apps increased 275 percent year-over-year, while unique visits increased 215 percent.

holiday black friday connected shoppingThe distinction between Black Friday — traditionally a day when a significant amount of Americans are not working and can shop in-store — and Cyber Monday — the first day back at the desk after the holiday — is increasingly blurred for shoppers, GPShopper finds.

The mobile marketing platform has released its own stats that seem to confirm findings from UberMedia, Shopkick, and Placed from last week: The smartphone in general, and branded apps in particular, helped drive shopping throughout the holiday weekend.

But GPShopper’s findings also contain a note of caution for retailers worried about a slower holiday shopping season, as forecast by the National Retail Federation, which expected gains of 3.7 percent this year versus last year’s 4.1 percent end of the year results: Will the momentum of app usage continue once the frenzy of deals and discounts end in the new year?

“App users have self-selected as a retailer’s most loyal customer base,” the company said in an email note. “They shop more, spend more, and are evangelists for the brand. As such, they turn to their favorite retail apps immediately while waiting for the turkey to hit the table. They’ve already downloaded these apps on their phone, already targeted their ‘must-have’ products and are excited to shop the deals from specific brands, whether in-app or in-store.”

GPShopper's Maya Mikhailov
GPShopper’s Maya Mikhailov

GPShopper’s Holiday Numbers

Black Friday visits to GPShopper’s client apps rose 353 percent year-over-year while unique visits to those branded apps jumped 172 percent. The number of orders placed in-app increased 270 percent, bringing revenue to a 309 percent increase over last Black Friday.

In a sign that people do want the tactile quality associated with being in an actual store, GPShopper found that Cyber Monday activity — while still experiencing year over year increases in visits, revenue and number of orders placed — was outshined by the app activity on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

“Cyber Monday primarily draws in customers who are just searching for the best deals and will check multiple sites, from less frequently visited retailers, to achieve the most savings,” said Maya Mikhailov, GPShopper’s CMO and co-founder. “They are driven in through social media and forwarded emails offering bargains.”

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