For Roadside Assistance, It’s Waze And Allstate To The Rescue

As drivers across the U.S. prepare to head out for Thanksgiving Day travel, crowdsourced navigation app Waze is teaming with Allstate to launch in-app roadside assistance.

Over the course of this past year, Waze received more than 5.3 million monthly reports of cars stopped on the road and on the shoulder. So with help from Allstate, which has been providing roadside assistance services for 50 years, Waze now enables users to make emergency calls and be connected with police, ambulances, or the fire department — without ever having to leave the app.

In addition to Waze’s assessment of its ability to address drivers’ needs, the alliance also reflects Allstate’s connected consumer ambitions.

For example, earlier this year, Allstate initiated a connection with Amazon’s Alexa to let customers with an Amazon Echo can ask the voice-activated assistant for help finding the due date on their next bill or what the minimum amount due might be.

“Allstate and Waze have been in conversations around strategic partnerships for over the past year,” a Waze rep told GeoMarketing. “Based on the alignment between brands, we wanted to identify how we could bring the most value to Wazers while staying true to the Allstate Good Hands Rescue service and what it represents.”

Waze is quick to note that the roadside assistance is available to all its users, whether or not they’re an Allstate customer. Any Wazer can be connected 24/7 with the roadside services provider, Allstate Good Hands Rescue service. Services include towing, tire change, lockout, jump-starting a vehicle, and more.

“Waze is a community-driven app that does more than help everyone beat traffic — it also leverages the power of crowdsourced data to support drivers in times of need and distress,” said Melissa King, Waze senior account executive. “It is our goal to get everyone to their destination safely, and we’ve made our existing Roadside Help offerings even more comprehensive by offering all Wazers professional roadside assistance through our exclusive relationship with Allstate’s Good Hands Rescue service.”

Drivers now able to make emergency calls and reach Allstate’s Good Hands Rescue service from within the Waze app

“Allstate Good Hands Rescue services is the exclusive U.S. partner,” the Waze rep said. “U.S. Wazers will be connected to professional roadside assistance services provided by Allstate. Outside of the U.S., the expanded feature is currently also available in Brazil, in partnership with Bradesco a local insurance partner there. We are hoping to replicate this model globally, as more local insurance partners sign on in different regions.”

Waze is promoting the feature and integration in the app with “Zero-speed Takeovers” intended to build awareness among drivers so they are equipped to get help should the need arise, Waze’s rep said. Meanwhile, Allstate Good Hands Rescue service is promoting to their customers and partners. Allstate Good Hands Rescue service also has media supporting the feature launch.

“Working with Waze and being the exclusive roadside provider for its community of drivers aligns perfectly with our innovation and technological advances in the roadside assistance and rescue space,” said Pam Dufour, president of Allstate Roadside Services. “We’re able to offer a fully digital product, supported by a crowdsourced group of service providers that is unique in the industry. It’s a perfect complement to Waze’s historical commitment to safety.”