First Mile Geo Partners With Findyr To Visualize Location Data ‘On-Demand’

‘We’re entering a new era of on-demand,’ said Findyr CEO Anthony Vinci.

Findyr, a technology platform that fulfills companies’ requests for hyperlocal data, has partnered with First Mile Geo, a business analytics and geospatial mapping company, in an integration that aims to give brands better location insights — on-demand and in real-time.

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How it works: The Findyr platform operates as an “offline search engine” of more than 1000 markets worldwide, allowing users to task “Findyrs” with collecting data, performing surveys, and taking custom photos and videos on-demand. Once a data request is made, “Findyrs,” local citizens who have downloaded the Findyr app and who have access to the information needed, answer the request, usually within 48 hours. Findyr, through its app and technology, validates the data or content provided to the user.

First Mile Geo enables users to collect, map, visualize, and monitor data, using any technology — mobile, sms, physical sensors — on the fly. Users can then compare this data with any other data available about a particular location, in a bid to understand it — and its visitors — better.

Essentially, the combination of the platforms will make it possible for First Mile Geo users to access Findyr’s network for custom local data, and then feed that data into the First Mile Geo platform in order to analyze it — and better understand a location and the consumers in it that they may be trying to target.

“We believe in and are investing considerably in a future of business intelligence,” said Matt McNabb, First Mile Geo’s CEO, in a statement. “The ability to identify gaps in your understanding, task locals to efficiently fill those gaps, and perform roll-up analysis that compares everything known about a given location with the data you’ve had collected on your behalf, is central to that future. Our partnership with Findyr delivers a key component to the analytical power we can place in the hands of users across the enterprise.”

As soaring mobile use has ushered in the era of hyper-customized, location-based targeting, the need to truly understand places — by having accurate data about them — has skyrocketed. Findyr and First Mile Geo aim to be on the cutting edge of bringing this geo-data availability into the on-demand age of the ‘uberfication of everything.’

“We are entering a new era of business data and insights,” said Anthony Vinci, Findyr’s CEO and founder, “where custom, hyper local information is available on demand and then easily visualized and managed through platforms such as First Mile Geo. The result will be unique insights and global understanding realized on a level and with a speed that we have never seen before.”

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