Facebook Expands Lead Ads Offering, Doubling Down On Commitment To SMBs

The changes make it simpler for local businesses to talk to interested consumers — and get them in-store to make a purchase.

Facebook has updated its Lead Ads offering in a bid to better connect local businesses with the consumers who want to hear from them, signaling the social net’s continued commitment to expanding ad options aimed at SMBs.

Lead Ads, which aim to make it easy for people to submit their information to a business with one click on desktop or mobile, often complement the local awareness placements the social network has been building up for SMBs.

“From a targeting perspective, local businesses can choose to advertise just to people in select areas, so they’re able to appeal to a more direct, relevant audience,” a Facebook rep told GeoMarketing about the use of lead ads and local awareness at the time of the launch. “Also if businesses want to encourage people to sign up for their newsletter, an offer, an event or more information about their product, lead ads simplify the mobile signup process, helping businesses hear from people interested in their business.”

The most important new features for local businesses from the update, below:

  • Duplicate forms: In order to save time and effort, advertisers can now duplicate lead ad forms and edit specific fields across ad sets and campaigns, Facebook said in a blog post. This makes the creation process faster and more seamless, removing the need to manually re-enter the same information into each form.
  • Create lead ads with video: Video can be used with lead ads, adding a rich media element and functioning the same way as lead ads with photos do. When people click on the call to action button below the video, they are directed to the lead ad form.
  • Lead ads now available in the ads create tool: Lead ads are now available in the ads create tool, which Facebook says will give advertisers simpler access to create them. To set up a lead ad in the ads create tool, select “Collect leads for your business” as your campaign objective. Advertisers can also continue to create lead ads in Power Editor and through the API.
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