Eyeview Offers Regional Auto Dealers Big Brand Powers

The personalized video ad platform Eyeview looks to enable local dealerships to deliver better ads to local consumers.

Eyeview intends to level the playing field between the sales-oriented local/regional dealerships and the brand affinity-focused national manufacturers with the rollout of its auto-specific ad solution, Accelerator.

The NYC-based personalized video ad platform created Accelerator to take the “Tier 1” (i.e., “the brand”) national ads and allow “Tier 2” local/regional car dealers and auto suppliers the ability to customize those spots for online targeting to in-market customers in their respective marketing areas.

Amit Nigam, director of product management at Eyeview asserts that as the online world continues to explode, the challenges auto dealers are facing—in an industry where closing the purchasing cycle is an offline activity—are more prominent than ever. Nigam and his team at Eyeview have been working behind the scenes to bring a solid product to market based on industry expertise and feedback. That product, Nigam says, is Accelerator.

GeoMarketing: Would you describe the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 ad campaigns?

Amit Nigam: Tier 1 automotive communications is the emotional, brand-focused messaging—think big campaigns from auto brands on television; and Tier 2/Tier 3 automotive communications is more regionally focused. What you have at those two levels is “What is my brand?” in the Tier 1 message, and “Where can I go to buy it?” in the Tier 2/Tier 3 messages. Absent from the conversation is the “Why?”

Why does your car make the most sense for a consumer? What features are going to deliver on what they need from the car they choose?

This is a major gap in how we successfully communicate with auto consumers and help them choose a car that best fits their needs. Bridging this gap can help regional marketing harness the power of big branding efforts, and help big branding campaigns drive regional foot traffic sales at dealerships.

How does Accelerator fill the gap between those separate auto marketing tiers?

Tier 1 messaging sits at the top of the communications funnel, checking the box for brand awareness and brand affinity. Accelerator is designed to preserve the integrity of that communication, but add something that will help consumers understand why a car is right for them. Solving this need pushes consumers down the funnel and closer to a local action. Couple this with the local addressability we’re adding to the conversation creates consistency in every tier of messaging and helps brands move metal.

Accelerator allows regional auto dealers to harness a single Tier 1 video asset and personalize it to drive audiences to dealerships and influence offline sales.

How does Eyeview work with a Tier 2/Tier 3 advertiser to use Accelerator?3655227170_eb20d513a5_o

The first step in this process is to work with the advertiser to understand any pre-existing audience segments they are already using, so that we properly identify the brand’s various types of consumers. If no specific segments have been identified, we work with the client to pinpoint their key audiences and develop a communications strategy best suited to address each segment’s needs.

Let’s take a basic example: grouping consumers intro three buckets: those most interested in performance, those most interested in design, and those most interested in the functionality of the car.

Next, we identify each car they are looking to market and the specific features and functionality we want to spotlight within our messaging, and match those messages to the audiences we’ve built. As the campaign is in motion, we’re constantly optimizing for performance against key site level actions, looking at driving foot traffic to their dealerships, and, most importantly, driving offline performance. When we developed Accelerator, ease of use for the brands that utilize this product was of utmost importance and we have definitely delivered on that objective.

Geo-targeting and other location-based ad features are of crucial importance to regional dealerships. How does Accelerator leverage that geo component?

Eyeview helps regional groups and dealerships put a spotlight on their location using maps and regional call outs. This personalization is paired with the users location to create an ad execution that is geographically relevant to someone we’ve identified as in-market.

Metal is moved at the local dealership level, plain and simple. While Tier 1 communication is important in shaping the brand story, ultimately they need to go to a brick and mortar location to make a transaction. Putting dealerships on the map, literally, serves an important utilitarian function of reminding them of where their nearest dealership is in relation to their location.

What are JD Powers and TruSignal’s role in Accelerator? 

In addition to Eyeview’s first-party data, Accelerator also leverages data from partners like TruSignal to zoom in on our in-market audiences. We are also using JD Power at a measurement capacity to help us close the loop on purchases and understand what communication is best resonating with consumers.

Who is using Accelerator?  

We can’t say specifically who at this point, but three of Eyeview’s current auto partners are using the Accelerator at various capacities. We’re still in the early stages, but we’re experiencing some very exciting results.