Engage:BDR and Neustar Extend Desktop Targeting To Mobile And Location

The two ad analytics players are closing several loops around online and offline, desktop and portable devices to emphasize 'mindset targeting.'

engage:BDR's Ted Dhanik
engage:BDR’s Ted Dhanik

Cross-device ad solutions provider engage:BDR has expanded its desktop data partnership with offline analytics company Neustar to cover real-time mobile targeting.

In February, engage:BDR began working with analytics provider Neustar in a partnership that promised advertisers access to roughly 16,000 consumer attributes and profiles for online-to-offline advertising.

Now, aside from the standard partnership on PC ad targeting, engage:BDR has received a certification that allows the Los Angeles tech company to share mobile device information with Neustar. That in turn gives engage:BDR access to Neustar’s total audience segments. With the introduction of mobile into the mix, engage:BDR’s cross-device, behaviorally targeted campaigns will be able to use location and geo-data as additional factors.

“Our success with them on desktop has been tremendous in helping our clients reach very precise audiences, and, as a heavily mobile company, we are excited to be able to extend that targeting to our cross­-device campaigns,” said Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. “We advocate a single­ user view for ideal measurement of effectiveness, and this new capability capitalizes on both companies’ rich data to enhance that.”

And since Neustar specializes in applying offline data to campaigns, engage:BDR believes it can close the targeting loop around devices and the digital/physical world more completely and seamlessly.

“Our partnership highlights the growing demand for digital data points that assist advertisers in reaching the right customers and delivering the most relevant messages to them, across all devices,” said Michael Schoen, VP of Marketing Services at Neustar, in a statement.

The extended relationship with Neustar comes as engage:BDR sharpens its focus on bridging real-time ad targeting that’s meant to reflect the actual moment and place a consumer is most likely to be receptive to a specific ad’s message.

Engage:BDR's Sydney Goldman
Engage:BDR’s Sydney Goldman

“Our clients’ key goal used to be to hit their users at the right place on the web,” said Sydney Goldman, manager of engage:BDR’s Marketing and Communications. “However, now it’s about hitting the right person at the right place in the world. As mobile grows, we are able to target much more richly to what a user is experiencing- not just the content they are reading or watching, but by what they are seeing, choosing, and doing in the real world.

“This partnership with Neustar allows us to infuse this kind of targeting with a rich dose of offline data, enabling us to focus messaging through another dimension of criteria,” Goldman continued. “Additionally, when combined with cross-device household targeting, we can help our clients create rich transmedia experiences — sharing their message with the user in a holistic way, so they can create a story, not overwhelm their audience with blind touchpoints.”

In June, it released its state of Mind Targeting platform as a range of ad tech and social media marketing companies have sought to respond to calls for broadcast-like dayparting that takes into account what a person is doing when an ad is being served to them.

The difference with engage:BDR’s approach is its tight connection to mobile and specific locations, Dhanik noted this summer.

“We can combine rich location databases with precise geo-targeting technology, not only to identify users’ locations, but also concentrate ads down to a 1/10th mile radius,” Dhanik said.

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