Dunkin’ Donuts Looks To Drive Valentine’s Day Sales With Geofilters, Facebook Live

The brand is getting active across Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook — and each of its social promotions are tied to its store locations.

Dunkin’ Donuts is rolling out a suite of social media and location-based initiatives in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, offering customers the chance to compete in a “Dunkin’ Love” Instagram contest, broadcasting on Facebook Live, and launching custom Snapchat geofilters at key stores.

Now, the brand is aware that most couples don’t celebrate the holiday with a Dunkin’ Coffee. But through the popular Dunkin’ Donuts app and on social media, fans of the brand do share the love all year long on via their mobile devices. As such, Dunkin’ aims to take advantage of the hearts and flowers season to promote its #DunkinLoveContest.

Fans can share photos on Instagram capturing their love for the brand (or showing how Dunkin’ is part of their love story) for the chance to win a year’s worth of free coffee and donuts, as well as $2,500. The goal of the contest is to drive foot traffic to Dunkin’ Donuts locations where customers can take and share photos — all while having a little seasonal fun.

Social + Location

Dunkin’ will complement the week-long contest by streaming a Dunkin’-sponsored concert via Facebook Live on February 13th — a strategy that brought in 36,000 new viewers for the brand last Valentine’s Day.  As we wrote earlier this week, the rise of live video is impacting the way consumers expect to interact with brands on social media, and combining that type of content as a branding effort with location-based marketing strategies that drive foot traffic has proven successful for many brick-and-mortars.

That’s where the geofilter campaign comes in. Since the brand is geofencing key physical locations through Snapchat, customers will have to visit Dunkin’ stores to access the Valentine’s themed content — as well as the corresponding filters promoting DD’s new emoji keyboard.

Combining these campaign elements helps Dunkin’ stand a better chance of capturing consumer attention across three key social platforms — Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat — and driving more sales to boot.

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