Dunkin’ Donuts Bridges National And Local With #KeepOn Campaign

The Hill Holliday spot is an evolution of ‘America Runs On Dunkin’ — but with mobile strategy goals in mind.

Dunkin’ Donuts new ad campaign “Keep On,” is more than an evolution of “America Runs On Dunkin”; it’s designed to usher in a new era of national-to-local marketing, tying an overarching brand message to DD’s local mobile strategy.

The TV spot from Hill Holliday, slated to debut Thursday during America’s Got Talent according to Adweek, showcases DD consumers living out important events in their lives — aiming to associate the “keep on being you” message with the Dunkin’ brand. But the end of the spot showcases the #KeepOn hashtag, encouraging users to tag their DD posts with the message — subsequently helping it to gain traction amongst their own local networks.

As such, while the campaign has begun with a national TV spot, it can be perceived through the lens of the emphasis that Dunkin’ Brands has placed on national-to-local marketing over the past year.

As John Costello, president of global marketing an innovation for Dunkin’ Brands, stressed in a recent keynote, consumers have loyalty to their local Dunkin’ Donuts — not to Dunkin’ as a global food services company. Strong brands have a clear point of differentiation and brand purpose both nationally and locally; this was the impetus behind the creation of DD’s personalized Perks Rewards loyalty program and initiatives like in-app mobile ordering.

‘Keep On’ is ultimately designed to connect back to these local efforts, as Linda SanGiacomo, senior director of advertising and consumer experience at Dunkin’, told GeoMarketing this week.

“#KeepOn plays into our mobile strategy by reinforcing how the Dunkin’ brand fits into the lives of our busy, on-the-go guests,” SanGiacomo said. “Programs like our DD Perks Rewards loyalty program and On-the-Go Ordering provide guests with greater convenience and ease so that they can #KeepOn going throughout their day.”

The Local Target

Undoubtedly, DD will continue to press the evolution of Keep On following its initial launch if it wants to truly strike a more personalized communication with potential consumers — which could mean anything from targeting the campaign message in Spanish to coordinating local promotions.

“You have to recognize the world is changing,” Costello said in March. “For us, that meant realizing that we have more Millennial consumers, more Hispanic consumers, a greater health and wellness awareness.” Keep On does appear designed to play to the health and fitness contingent, with its varied high-action sports shots.

In the meantime, the brand is focused on tracking the initial impact of how #KeepOn translates into consumer purchases at their local store.

“#KeepOn is the overarching reminder that the Dunkin’ brand is a daily ritual for our loyal guests and keeps them running all day long,” SanGiacomo said. “The campaign is aimed at delivering our “all day” message in a higher emotional and relevant way. #KeepOn reinforces how Dunkin’ fuels our guests and we hope it will help make our brand top of mind for consumers, ultimately [driving] people into our stores throughout their day.”

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