Dress Rehearsal: Fashion Retailer Vanity Adds Shopkick Beacons To 150 Stores

The strategy is designed to ‘reward’ visits to the dressing room as the holiday season gets under way.

Young women’s clothing chain Vanity is using beacons to draw a straight line of shopper rewards from its front entrance to the confines of its dressing rooms as part of its larger Holiday Season strategy.

The Grand Forks, North Dakota-based retailer is working with in-store deals app platform Shopkick to place two beacons in each of its 150 locations that are spread across 27 states.

Two months ago, the five-year-old Redwood City, CA-based tech company surpassed 15 million app users worldwide and says it has contributed to 33 million store visits between January and September. Shopkick has projected that its “Kicks” — aka, its app-based “rewards” that users accrue — will help produce $800 million to $1 billion in sales for its retail and brand partners in 2015, up from $1 billion in the previous four years combined.

Shopkick's Cyriac Roeding
Shopkick’s Cyriac Roeding

Under the terms of the partnership, Shopkick will install two of its shopBeacon devices in every Vanity store. One beacon will be placed at the front door to reward customers for just walking in, while the other Bluetooth-powered device will be situated at Vanity’s dressing rooms.

“We placed beacons at the front door so we can give kicks to our users for walking into the store, driving foot traffic there,” said Shopkick CEO Cyriac Roeding. “Vanity also elected to install beacons in the fitting rooms in order to drive conversion – these beacons will reward shoppers for trying on clothing and provide shoppers with information on deals and kicks for purchases.”

For the moment, the dressing room beacons will simply send “unique messages” to people trying on Vanity’s clothes. Over time, the plan calls for special rewards/kicks for walking into one of its fitting rooms.

“We are constantly listening to and learning from our customers, and the feedback we heard loud and clear is that they can’t get enough of the shopping experience that Shopkick delivers,” said Mary Miller, CMO of Vanity, in a statement. “Shopkick is the perfect way to complement the specialty experience we create in our stores by rewarding our customers for doing what they already do: shopping and buying the Vanity products that they love.”

Shopkick’s partnership with Vanity is the latest addition to a large roster of retailers that includes the likes of American Eagle Outfitters, Best Buy, JCPenney, The Sports Authority, and Macy’s, which began installing Shopkick’s beacons across its 4,000 stores last year. More than 300 brands have also partnered with Shopkick, including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Kraft, and Pepsi.

“Vanity is already planning for the store experience of the future and aims to make shopping at Vanity a personal and specialized experience,” said Roeding. “Using beacon technology and our popular consumer app, Shopkick can help Vanity achieve this goal, and we are excited to partner with them to help evolve the Vanity shopping experience. It will be an exciting journey for all.”

Asked how Shopkick and Vanity will evaluate the success of the effort, Roeding said that a early marketing around the use of the company’s deals platform generated interest early on, giving the program something of a head start.

“Vanity customers were actually very interested in the Shopkick experience, which led to this exciting partnership,” Roeding said. “Once we go live, we will be able to track Vanity store walk ins at their 150 stores around the country. We anticipate high customer satisfaction with having Shopkick available at another in-demand retailer, ultimately driving both incremental foot traffic and sales for Vanity.”

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