Drawbridge’s Hiring Of Ex-iAd Exec Reflects Wider Use Cases For Identity, Location Data

Winston Crawford has been tapped as the cross-device analytics company's COO to help move Drawbridge's move beyond ad tech.

Drawbridge's Winston Crawford
Drawbridge’s Winston Crawford

Winston Crawford, the former head of Apple’s iAd Marketplaces, has been named COO of cross-device analytics programmatic services provider Drawbridge, as the company sees its data and insights being used for more than just ad tech.

While the Bay Area tech company has had a COO in the past, Crawford’s position is somewhat different this time around. In addition to managing the sales team and related products, Crawford, who reports to CEO/founder Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, is charged with expanding Drawbridge’s “addressable market.” In other words, he will be devising and working with other clients and partners on the use of the company’s cross device identification.

When Drawbridge was founded five years ago, mobile advertising and programmatic were still emerging. The basic concept behind Drawbridge was to allow agencies and their advertisers to seamlessly target a consumer on one device, be it a PC, smartphone, or tablet, on another screen.

Recently, the company said that its primary product, the Connected Consumer Graph, is “97.3 percent accurate.” Through the graph, Drawbridge offers a probabilistic identity solution for marketers, providing them with a view of consumer interaction with brands across devices without relying on any personal information on the identity of the consumers.

All in all, Drawbridge has three revenue models: insertion-order media sales through its platform,  media sales through its self-serve model, and Connected Graph licensing.

As Drawbridge’s analytics and targeting platform grew, the company was asked to license the internal technology used to run campaigns to outside entities. With demand for its platform rising, Drawbridge is aggressively licensing its user identification tools to enterprise companies on a SaaS model basis.

Location At The Center

When it comes to user identification, mobile and geo-location are front and center for most businesses these days, whether e-commerce or retail, or, both.

For example, Drawbridge’s software could be used by financial institutions’ risk and fraud detection departments. Since so many people are using online banking on their phone, Drawbridge’s technology understands a person’s location patterns intently. So if someone from New York City is found logging in from Moscow, that could trigger an alert, saving both the bank and its customer a great deal of difficulty.

As for Crawford, his role as the head of Apple’s iAd Marketplaces had him building and growing Apple’s self-serve and programmatic media buying platform, iAd Workbench.

“The solution that Drawbridge has created not only addresses a huge business challenge that the marketing community is facing, but it can also be leveraged outside of marketing in a number of business and customer experience applications, including closed-loop attribution, e-commerce site optimization, content personalization, and even risk and fraud detection,” said Crawford, in a statement. “I look forward to joining Drawbridge and maximizing that potential at scale. Connecting and understanding consumers across multiple devices without relying on personal information is an incredibly powerful asset.”

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