DexYP Expands SMB Social, On-Demand Marketing Services With SOCi

"Successful SMBs understand Social Media is not a billboard, but is instead a two-way conversation providing new ways to engage with current and perspective clients," says Ryan Cantor, DexYP Digital Assistant VP.

With SMBs turning away from traditional advertising and banners in favor of spending on marketing services, social media, and Influencers, it makes sense that DexYP, which has evolved into local business marketing platform from a legacy that includes the earliest print directories, is forming an alliance with reputation manager SOCi.

The deal comes almost a year after Dex Media acquired YP Holdings as the company previously known as the leading publisher of phone books sought to enhance its automated marketing platform after YP had worked assiduously to shed its own legacy as “the Yellow Pages company” to become a local advertising and digital presence marketing management provider.

DexYP’s heritage was certainly on the mind of executives working on this latest step forward, as its clients seek to manage app-based on-demand orders, reviews, and interactions from consumers.

“We understand how much effort it takes today for businesses to remain engaged with and relevant to consumers; which is why we’re excited to partner with SOCi and their industry-leading social technology,” said Ryan Cantor, DexYP’s Digital Assistant Vice President. “We began as a small business 125 years ago and have spent recent years transforming our digital offerings to continue to help small, independent business owners thrive. They represent the backbone of America’s economy and the heart of its communities.”

DexYP has been accelerating its digital offerings to enable more than 500,000 SMBs clients with a footprint across the United States manage their place in the on-demand, micro-moment social media-driven economy.

“We are seeing that social inclusion is in growing demand for SMBs,” Cantor tells GeoMarketing. “Overall a successful product mix includes social content and advertising alongside other digital avenues as well. Social advertising by itself continues to lag in overall conversions as social media users are not consistently at the appropriate position in the buying cycle.

“Successful SMB’s understand Social Media is not a billboard, but is instead a 2-way conversation with providing new ways to engage with current and perspective clients,” Cantor adds.

Meanwhile, as Digital Knowledge Management serves as the foundation for artificial intelligence powered devices and voice activated assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, all brands recognize the need to seamlessly ensure that not their critical business information is up-to-date as search moves from an infinite number of links to an algorithmically-selected and personalized “preferred answer.”

For the most part, that ability has largely been in the hands of major enterprises. DexYP and SOCi say they can do the same for SMBs.

“SOCi offers a whole new layer of services for SMBs using the DexYP platform,” Warren Kay, CRO of SOCi, tells GeoMarketing. “The unique features that SOCi brings to the table for DexYP users include content discovery which makes it easy for social media managers to find locally relevant content with good engagement as well as content ranking which allows businesses to see what pieces of content work best to then optimize and replicate.

“Additionally, customers can now use dynamic text enabling each post to be localized and leverage peak time posting by locale vs. other platforms that just use a standard peak posting time for a specific network,” Kay says. “With SOCi, users can scale social media efforts across thousands of local pages and increase engagement rates.”

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