Crisp Media Partners With Reader’s Digest Recipe-Finder To Geo-Target Native Ads

The goal is to drive in-store purchases through mobile marketing via RDA’s Taste of Home site.

The recipes collected across Reader’s Digest cooking advice site Taste of Home will help deliver the mobile ads provided by Crisp Media to connect consumer packaged goods marketers and physical retailers with consumers.

Over the past year, a number of players in the mobile and location-based advertising space have raced to capture CPG’s growing interest in using digital methods, from loyalty programs to geofencing to beacons to attract digital customers to their respective spot on stores’ shelves.

Last fall, geo-marketing platform Verve Mobile produced a survey which found that CPGs are currently the third largest location-powered advertising vertical, comprising 14 percent of all US location-based ad spending. The packaged goods category is also the fastest growing segment within the location-based ad space, right behind general retail (which makes up 28 percent of location-based ad activity) and automotive (15 percent).

Dealmaking In Aisle 4

That sort of finding has been reflected in Reader’s Digest Association study that accompanies the deal with Crisp. The news also comes on the same day that women’s publisher Meredith Corp. bought hyperlocal shopping deals generator Grocery Server to expand its own relationship with CPG brands.

“Our research found that 86 percent of grocery shoppers use their mobile device to prepare for grocery shopping and 59 percent use their devices at the supermarket,” said Rich Sutton, CRO of the Reader’s Digest Association, the parent company of Taste of Home. “We can reach these consumers while they’re discovering, planning and shopping,”

Of particular focus for the pair is an emphasis on geo-targeting. Crisp has previously used their mobile ad platform to show customers what products were available in nearby stores. Crisp aims to use that geo-focused ad capability to help deliver personalized content from Taste of Home to customers.

“Working with Crisp on this mobile custom activation platform allows us to look at user location, demographic, behavior and, most importantly, context to target the right consumer at the right time,” said Sutton.

The Right Fit

Jim Selden, SVP of Marketing at Crisp
Jim Selden, SVP of Marketing at Crisp

Jim Selden, SVP of Marketing at Crisp, says that the partnership came about from talks between Sutton and Crisp’s CRO Tom Jones.

“Both [Jones and Sutton] recognize the power of trusted content, in this case recipes, to drive in store sales of CPG products and to sell larger quantities of products,” said Selden. “But technology is also needed to serve rich ads that allow consumers to access and save the recipes on their mobile devices. Crisp provides this capability, plus extended audience reach, through it’s Crisp MoCA (mobile customer activation) platform.”

Location services have gradually become a more important part of mobile marketing and it’s something Crisp has sought to build upon on since its inception in 1999. Crisp believes that marketing teams are “becoming much more sophisticated in their tactical approaches” to using mobile ads to drive in-store purchases.

“Most marketers recognize the high value of trusted content in influencing consumer behavior,” said Sutton. “Recipes, in this case is just one example of where content, technology and audience targeting can come together to provide a compelling solution that will be leveraged well into the future by retailers and brand marketers alike.”

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