Corner Media Fuses OOH, Targeted Mobile Ads To Reach On-The-Go Consumers

Formerly Glanz Digital, the rebranded company is focusing on delivering eye-catching creative — at the moment consumers are most receptive.

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Example of a DOOH Billboard

Location-based digital media company Corner Media — formerly Glanz Digital — has rebranded and rolled out a new platform that will fuse digital out-of-home, traditional outdoor advertising, and location-based mobile ads in a bid to provide brands with a cost-effective way to target consumers outside of their homes.

Following the rebranding, Corner Media now provides three key offerings to brands and their agencies: Full motion ads on digital displays in upscale outdoor retail districts, transit centers, and shopping malls; traditional outdoor advertising in select urban retail centers, like Montgomery County’s Bethesda Row and Boston’s Assembly Row; and location-based mobile advertising with advanced targeting capabilities.

By combining the direct response quality of real-time, targeted mobile advertising with the branding-focused nature of traditional billboards and outdoor digital displays, Corner Media aims to offer a comprehensive way to reach on-the-go consumers on multiple levels.

Corner Media reports that its products draw from the scientific research of Dr. Michel Wedel, PepsiCo Professor of Consumer Science at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and chair of Corner Media’s Scientific Advisory Board. His research finds that consumers typically see, process, and retain the meaning of the ad within the first few seconds of seeing it. If the consumer is able to attain a high-level understanding of the ad immediately, the ad is much more likely to generate interest and, consequently, increase brand awareness.

“Professor Wedel’s research shows that short, eye-catching ads are very effective,” said Missy Cassell, head of Sales & Marketing.

Essentially, Wedel’s research — and Corner Media’s solutions — aim to speak to a concept that most advertisers are innately aware of: Delivering eye-catching creative at a time when a consumer is most receptive is key to generating a subsequent physical sale.

“Corner Media’s digital displays show 15 and 30 second full-motion ads that seemingly jump off the screen, catching the consumer’s attention,” Cassell added. “And our property takeovers do the same: The brand becomes the centerpiece of the physical brick and mortar space.”

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