Consumers Expect Wearables To Be ‘Jack Of All Trades’

As the wearables market matures, it isn't enough just to count steps, says Argus Insights.

Consumers are using and providing more feedback on wearables than ever, but demand growth has slowed significantly after the post-holiday sales peak in January 2015, according to a report from Argus Insights — particular when it comes to specialty devices with limited functionality.

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This isn’t to say that that the field of IoT isn’t poised for continual growth; the case is simply that the wearables market has matured, Argus Insights posits, with consumers “settling in” to their devices and using them for a variety of functions. The volume of consumer reviews has grown steadily YOY, indicating a high degree of engagement amongst those who are wearable owners.

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One notable stat is that “consumer delight” scores are growing for Apple, and declining for Fitbit and its ilk. What are wearable designers — and brands — to take from this? Perhaps that as consumers become familiar with wearables and integrate them into their daily lives, they expect a wide range of functionality. They expect to be provided with diverse tools that suit the moment that they’re in, like the capabilities provided by smartwatches and the like.

“Consumers expect their wearables to do more than simply count steps, just as they expect to do more than just make phone calls with their handsets,” says John Feland, CEO and founder, Argus Insights. “It is clear that as the Apple Watch, the Moto 360, and the LG Watch Urbane out perform fitness bands in the hearts of consumers. Fitbit and others in the [specialty] category will need to add more to their offerings to keep consumers engaged and coming back for more.”

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