CES Scavenger Hunt Is On, With Beacons As Guides

The CTA and Radius Networks have partnered on a proximity platform aimed to make exploring the vast exhibit space housing 3,600 companies for the 170k attendees.

With CES in full swing out in Las Vegas, attendees will spend a lot of time sitting in chairs and listening to company speakers talk about why this or that technology is going to totally revolutionize retail technology. But with the introduction of a beacon Scavenger Hunt, CES is also allowing attendees to experience some of those new technological innovations, rather than just hear about them.

To participate, users just need to download the CES app on their phone and turn on their Bluetooth to explore the different areas of the show. Attendees will earn “badges” and achievements for visiting different areas and three contestants will be eligible for prizes like a Panasonic digital camera for being the first to collect all the badges from every area of CES.

The beacon scavenger hunt is the result of a partnership between the Consumer Technology Association, which took over production of CES from the Consumer Electronics Association, and Radius Networks, Inc., a mobile proximity platform who will be providing the beacons used in the Hunt.

“The Scavenger Hunt is back,” said Jeff Joseph, SVP of communications and strategic relationships at CTA in a press release. “Beacon technology has taken off since we first used it at the 2014 CES. Using proximity beacons to drive a Scavenger Hunt is in line with our show mission – to promote innovation and showcase the latest in emerging technologies. Plus, it’s just a fun way to encourage participants to visit important exhibits across the show floor.”

The Scavenger Hunt does more than just encourage exploration of the show, it’s also an organic way of demonstrating some of the use cases for beacons, which Radius and CTA are planning on using for indoor navigation, such as guiding customers around large indoor events, like Smart Fission’s Show Trekker app which will also be in use at CES.

“Throughout our partnership with CTA, we have been able to demonstrate the latest in proximity beacon technology at CES,” said Marc Wallace, CEO & cofounder of Radius Networks. “This year, we are demonstrating enhanced indoor navigation, the Scavenger Hunt and proximity-based ‘right-time, right-place’ messaging around the show.”

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