Catalina’s Point-Of-Sale Targeted Deals Tool Goes Omnichannel

The shopper-tracker company's CPG recommendation engine, My Favorite Deals, used to be accessible only when the customer was at a retail location.

Consumer packaged goods-focused data and advertising network Catalina is taking its weekly product recommendation tool, My Favorite Deals, beyond the store checkout line and making it similarly available to shoppers anywhere they are via mobile web, desktop, and email.

When My Favorite Deals was rolled out to Catalina’s 28,000 retail partners in the U.S. last June, shoppers would receive five personalized deals printed out at the store’s register. Pitched as an alternative to traditional newspaper circulars, which still draw $6 billion in annual ad spending from retailers, My Favorite Deals would sort through Catalina’s database of hundreds of items and its insights on 260 million shoppers covering 80 percent of U.S. households.

Now, shoppers can receive those five suggested deals by logging in to a retailer’s site or signing up to receive emails from their preferred store as they plan their shopping trip, said Beth Johnson, Catalina’s executive director for Special Projects.

“We’ve been exploring the idea of personalization in terms of campaigns — who is the right shopper to target with the right offer at the right time,” Johnson said. “And now, we’re thinking about how do we personalize the delivery of those recommendations: would a particular shopper prefer to get My Favorite Deals in store? Or would they prefer mobile, the PC web, or email — or a combination of all three? This change is about giving consumers access to deals wherever they are on the path to purchase.”

The rollout of this more digitally accessible version of My Favorite Deals is still fairly limited. The new “omnichannel” recommendations are currently being used by several “major European retailers” and has been in pilots in two U.S. stores — Catalina is not identifying the names of the retailers — with expansion and more launches scheduled for early 2016.

“Our global results show that retailers running My Favorite Deals are experiencing an average of 1 percent lift in trips, 1.5-5 percent sales lift of promoted items, and 0.5-1.5% lift in overall dollar sales to targeted customers,” said Jason Test, SVP, Retail Brand Development for Catalina. “We’ve also conducted consumer research that shows shoppers value receiving the My Favorite Deals announcements and use them in planning their next shopping trips.”

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