As Factual Broadens Geo-Data Focus, It Ends The Year Adding Programmatic Partners

While Factual has spent much of the past year expanding the use of its geo-data to go beyond real-time advertising to powering real estate decision-making and ride-hailing navigation, supporting real-time bidding platforms remains a core focus.

After three-plus years of establishing itself as a key part of the dashboards for about two dozen demand-side platforms and other automated ad players, Factual is rounding out its programmatic roster with three new partners AppNexus, dataxu, and Verizon Oath’s video targeter BrightRoll.

“We’ve seen location-based audience targeting and measurement growing in popularity and awareness, and data quality is a top consideration when marketers are considering location data solutions,” says Devin Marsh, Factual’s senior director of business development. “Brands and agencies will increasingly begin to choose their data providers based on data quality and transparency into methodology. Our partnerships with these ad platforms provide marketers with confidence and choice. They’re able to tap into high quality, transparent location data, across devices, and apply it to their campaigns with flexibility.”

Among Factual’s existing programmatic partners include Adelphic, Adobe Ad Cloud, Amobee, Centro, Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager, MediaMath, and The Trade Desk.

“Factual’s granular location data allows marketers to reach highly-specific audiences based on nuanced attributions and signals,” said Eric Speck, Senior Manager Business Development at dataxu. “This has allowed our clients to address their KPIs with a tailored solution and thus improve their campaign performance.”

As Factual has struck deals to support a range of beyond-ad place-based analytics for Apple Maps, Uber, and Facebook, the geo-data specialist was recently tapped by global co-working space operator WeWork to help it choose new locations to open.

WeWork relies on Factual’s Global Places, which is used by most major ad agency trading desks’ programmatic platforms to help target real-time advertising. Global Places gathers data covering over 130 million local businesses and points of interest across 52 countries.

Alongside that, Factual’s Geopulse product suite lets marketers and agencies target ads based on people’s real world behavior and real-time location using bidstream data from mobile phones.

By wrapping up three of the largest programmatic platforms that remained outside of its client base, Factual is also poised to see its European operation grow as well.

“There are some regional players who are very relevant from country to country, and as we go deeper country by country, we certainly want to make sure that factual data is enabling marketing within all of the important platforms,” Factual CEO and founder Gil Elbaz told us earlier this year as the company was ramping up European operations. “There will certainly be some additional ones that are on our hit list of companies that we would love to partnership. We will start working on that in a more focused way, now.”