Analytics Provider Gravy Expands ‘Local Insights’ Location Platform

Understanding where customers have been — and where they’re likely to go — is the key, says Gravy.

Image from Gravy GOLD platform

Mobile data and analytics provider Gravy has updated its “local insights” platform, Gravy GOLD, with the goal of using contextual location to provide brands and publisher partners with better insight into present and future consumer behavior.

By understanding where consumers are, where they have been, and where they are likely to go, Gravy GOLD 2.0 aims to enable marketers to target these shoppers with customized messages that are relevant on a more individual level. As mobile users have become more resist to interruptions on their most personal device — the smartphone — rooting ads and offers in physical, real-world behavior is more likely to render them practical and not a nuisance, and therefore more likely to produce a store visit and/or sale.

The GOLD platform, which was built out with $7.6 million in funding that the Leesburg, VA-based Gravy raised earlier this year, consists of two components: A “local events and activities data” (LEAD) and a local analytics engine. LEAD comprises the local mobile data and context portion, derived from customer’s event attendance and geo-fence-tripped place visits. This information is then processed and segmented by the local analytics engine.

“These analytics give clients the ability to know the interests, affinities, and passions of their customers, and the analytics deliver psychographic segmentation for them to act on,” Richard Dague, a spokesperson for Gravy, told GeoMarketing in April, shortly after the funding was raised. “It also gives them the ability to know what’s going on around their locations for in-the-moment targeting and granular analytics on when/where and how often their customers visit competitors.”

And now, with the updates to GOLD 2.0, it seems that Gravy is doubling down on the notion that location is “more than where you are; it’s who you are.” Gravy believes that brand interest in geo-targeting — and building audience profiles derived from historical geo-data — is on the upswing.

“It’s exciting to see the rapid adoption of location-based services by our clients,” said Guy DeCorte, CTO of Gravy. “But with that demand comes a responsibility to deliver at Internet speed, with scale and utmost privacy protection. Gravy GOLD 2.0 does all of that and more for our clients and their customers.”

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