AI Search Platform Node Expands Leadership Team

"Node's AI discovery engine can power context-awareness and adaptability that is required in this human centered world of AI we are entering into," says CEO Falon Fatemi.

Node, which bills itself as the AI-powered discovery engine, has hired two machine learning executives to help the company chart the development of  next generation platform.

The new appointments include Louis Monier as Chief Scientist and Jeffrey Johnson as Chief Technology Officer.

Backed by Mark Cuban, Node was started in 2015 by Falon Fatemi. She began her career at Google in 2005 at age 19, making her the youngest employee the search giant employed at the time.

After exiting stealth mode last summer, Node has been working with select enterprise customers such as Salesforce and is now making its patent-pending “discovery engine” available to businesses worldwide.

Node does not currently have voice/search capabilities, Fatemi noted. That being said, she added that Node could be the AI brain to power search/voice capabilities in other devices and applications in the future.

“Node’s AI discovery engine can power context-awareness and adaptability that is required in this human centered world of AI we are entering into,” Fatemi told GeoMarketing.

“It’s projected that by 2025, there will be over 100 billion connected devices,” Fatemi added. “That’s almost 14 devices per person. And voice assistants are obviously a big part of that. AI in general, and we believe Node specifically, will be the engine that enables those devices to understand context to deliver more relevant and timely info.”

To prepare the company to better capture the demand for greater AI capabilities, the new hires were chosen for their extensive backgrounds in building out the web’s initial intelligence platforms.

For instance, Monier joins Node from Airbnb where he was head of the home-sharing company’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. Node pointed to Monier’s 30-plus years of work in search, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and data. He was also said to have played an integral role in building the original search engine, AltaVista. Originally begun as a research project started by Monier in 1995 that grew into the “biggest, fastest and most used search engine” on the web, Monier then turned to work on launching Babelfish, the first translation service on the web, a predecessor to Google Translate, two years later. Additionally, he previously was a member of the technical staff at Google where his work on faceted search is used in over 100 applications and served as Head of eBay Research where he rebuilt eBay’s search engine in six months.

Johnson, meanwhile, has spent over three decades building large-scale AI systems within the banking, entertainment, and hospitality industries. He was behind inventing the modern electronic boarding pass system widely used in the airline industry and applying AI to entertainment e-ticketing, banking and marketing systems for Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Six Flags and many others processing more than $1 billion in transactions annually.

As Chief Architect and Head of Engineering for the Boy Scouts for America, Johnson updated its platform, MyScouting. And as head of R&D for Hanes Hosiery, Johnson “revolutionized the retail industry,”  Node said, “applying AI to deliver the first web-based vendor management platform for inventory, scheduling, delivery and logistics, deployed at roughly 70 percent of major US retailers.”

These new hires, and Node’s mission generally, are meant to address the “very real information overload problem” resulting from increase waves of more content, as even the amount created online in a single day is more than one person could sort through in an entire lifetime.

“That’s why we need to rethink information discovery,” Fatemi said. “Jeffrey and Louis are two seasoned and talented industry trailblazers who have already developed IP that opens up a new $100 billion market to change the way that people connect with opportunity altogether… Node next gen will power discovery of business opportunities for professionals and organizations, helping them proactively discover people, companies, and beyond that can transform their business.”


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