Adelphic Adds xAd’s Location Data To Its Mobile Real-Time Targeting Platform

The integration expands xAd’s programmatic abilities on the day it moves to its new offices at One World Trade Center.

xAd recently unveiled Blueprints, which focuses on physical boundaries, not vague circles drawn around a location.
xAd recently unveiled Blueprints, which focuses on physical boundaries, not vague circles drawn around a location.

Mobile demand-side platform Adelphic is continuing to add layers of geo-data to its system in a deal with location marketplace xAd.

Over the past year, Adelphic has sought to offer its ad agency and marketer clients a number of choices and coverage for location-based ad targeting and counts geo-data analytics specialist Factual and in-store attribution provider Placed among its allies.

The news comes as xAd moves from its Flatiron headquarters into a new home base at One World Trade Center, as the demand for location services by advertising companies continues to rise. (Recently, location intelligence company PlaceIQ moved to a larger Midtown New York office to keep up with its own growth as well.)

As for xAd’s integration with Adelphic, the DSP’s clients will have direct access to the location marketplace’s proximity targeting tools — clearly dubbed “Nearby” and “Wider Reach” — that automatically create geofences on the fly based on the specific campaign category with insights built from previous campaign performance metrics.

xAd’s location platform runs 300 billion mobile ad impressions each month globally, filters and ranks data signals by “geo-precision,” then determines the physical location and its boundaries through its “build-a-better geofence” program, Blueprints.

xAd's Dorothee Bergin
xAd’s Dorothee Bergin

“As marketers gear up for the greatest commerce season of the year, xAd now offers the most automated and precise way to reach the right mobile audiences with customized targeting parameters, enabling marketers to take the guesswork out of location-based marketing,” said Dorothee Bergin, director of Platform and Programmatic Partnerships at xAd, in a statement. “Together, xAd and Adelphic are advancing the industry beyond ‘guess-and-check’ location targeting, which often takes days to optimize, by offering clients a better way to access and automate the most sophisticated location-based mobile targeting in real-time.”

Overall, the arrangement between xAd and Adelphic also shows the way location is influencing larger marketers who want to target consumers based on where they go and where are physically, as opposed to relying on general demographic data and what websites a person visited on their desktop.

But even more than that, marketers and media buyers are shifting to mobile advertising years after their desired consumers made the move in terms of where they spend their digital time.

That was part of the reasoning behind programmatic marketplace The Rubicon Project’s decision to partner with xAd back in April.

As location data becomes regarded as “the new cookie” — for either good or ill — expect pretty much every DSP, data management platform (DMP) and any other ad industry acronym player to align itself with multiple location providers.

“This partnership with xAd grants our clients access to a leader in the mobile location space with a truly seamless integration into the Adelphic platform,” said Emily Del Greco, VP of Sales for Adelphic, in a statement. “Our enterprise buyers are excited about the frictionless workflow and we are committed to first-of-its-kind integrations of this type.”

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